The Criminal Docket


November 2007

Volume II, Number 4


M E M O R A N D U M 

August 17, 2007

FROM: Judge Steven R. Van Sicklen, Supervising Judge, Criminal Division
SUBJECT: Los Angeles County Court Rules–Rule 6.24: Obtaining Court Files

Be advised that our clerks are having problems in cases where the attorneys request the Court to order prior files where they have been charged in the information.

Los Angeles County Court rule 6.24 provides:

Any party seeking to introduce evidence of prior convictions, or any other information contained within court files, in any proceeding shall, prior to the trial date, obtain from the Clerk’s Office in the district wherein the file is stored, certified copies only of those documents necessary for proof of any prior convictions.  Such request(s) shall be made at a suitable time prior to trial so as not to cause any delay in the trial.  The original files shall not be sent to the trial court except upon Court order issued upon written application, good cause being stated.  Failure to obtain this evidence in a timely fashion shall not be good cause for a continuance pursuant to Penal Code section 1050.  (Adopted, eff. July 1, 1995.)

The practice of having the clerks order files is resulting in difficulty in later locating these files.  Please do not routinely order prior files unless there is an unusual situation and good cause for the request is shown.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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