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International Law Journal and
Newsletter Archives

  • February 2014 - Newsletter

  • January 2014 - Newsletter

  • November 2013 - Newsletter

  • October 2013 - Newsletter

  • April 2013 - International Law Journal
    • Is There a Privacy Policy for that App?
    • Predictive Coding: Artificial Intelligence Comes to Discovery
    • Push and Pull in the Global Arena: How Businesses Have Responded to Expansion of Rights with Restrictive Contract Provisions
    • Machine-Machine to Major Tom: Cyberethics

  • October 2012 - International Law Journal
    • Space Law and Commercialization
    • The Emergence of Space Law
    • Public Space Law, the Legal Practitioner, and the Private Entrepreneur: Distinguishing What "Ought to Be" from "What Is"
    • On the Privatisation of Space
    • New Space for an Old Goal: Using the Space Act Agreement to (Finally) Enable the Commercial Space Industry
    • The Optional Rules for Arbitration of Disputes Relating to Outer Space Activities: A Comparison to the UNCITRAL Rules
    • Space Law Education in the United States in a New Era of Space Activities
    • Metalaw

  • June 2012 - Newsletter
    • The European Jurisdiction Regulation: No Protection from English Anti-Suit Injunctions in American Courts, April 2012 by Asa Markel, Esq. of Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd, Torrance, California
    • Discovery Abroad: How to Obtain Evidence Located Outside the United States, 2012 by Elizabeth P. Beazley and Tara B. Voss of Keesal Young & Logan, Long Beach, California
    • International Legal Updates

  • March 2012 - Newsletter
    • Punitive Damages and French Courts, March 2012 by Sebastien Lootgier, Esq. of Villeneau Rohart Simon & Associes, Paris, France
    • Does the Shoe Fit, 2011 by Elizabeth Beazley of Keesal Young & Logan, Long Beach, California
    • An Israeli Military Strike Against Iran Would Be Illegal by Behnam Gharagozli
    • International Legal Updates

  • December 2011 - Newsletter
    • Attachment of Assets, France, 2011 by Paul De Drée and Katia Boneva-Desmicht of Salans & Associés, Paris France. Copyright JurisNet, LLC 2011
    • International Legal Updates

  • September 2011 - Newsletter
    • Trends in International Law-Developments at the ABA Meeting in Toronto, August, 2011
    • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment in Russia
    • Lex-Islamicus: Enforcing Arbitral Awards in Islamic Finance Contracts

  • January 2011 - Newsletter
    • The Ultimate Dilemma: Obtaining Jurisdiction Over a Foreign Defendant by Nelson Tucker, CEO and founder of Process Service Network, LLC, Winnetka, CA.
    • International Legal Updates

  • August 2010 - Newsletter
    • Post Re-Registration—An Overview of Current IP Developments in Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo (by Marijana Kozakijevic and Mara Jankovic of Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic, Belgrade, Serbia

  • March 2010 - Newsletter
    • Going after the Middleman: Landlord Liability in the Battle against Counterfeits
    • Perspectives on the Middle East
    • Experience of a French Lawyer in California

  • July 2009 - Newsletter
    • Service of Process Pursuant to the Hague Convention and the Article 10 Controversy.
    • China's Emerging Entrepreneurs and Brand Name Products.
    • Becoming a Solicitor—Part 3.
    • Corporate and Board Member Liability: Developments in the Post-Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley Environment. And as a PowerPoint Presentation.

  • January 2009 - Newsletter
    • Right of Defense and Lawyer's Professional Secrecy:The New and Scary Scenarios of a 2007 Judgment of the European Court of Justice.
    • Angola: Brief Overview of An Emerging Power.
    • The World Court and the World Order.
    • International Bar Association Annual Conference 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Password: iba2008).

  • May 2008 - Newsletter
    • How to Validly Enforce a Non-Compete Covenant in France and in the U.S.
    • Chinese Insurers – Willing to Invest Internationally But Unwilling to Underwrite Chinese Risks
    • Extraterritorial Protection for Corporate Whistle-Blowers Under Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

  • March 2008 - Newsletter
    • Becoming a Solicitor – Part 1 and Part 2.
    • China's Binhai New Area

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