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The LACBA 2014 CLE-In-A-Box meets all of your mandatory CLE requirements. The 25 hour audio CLE program includes self-study and participatory, substance abuse, elimination of bias and ethics. CLE-In-A-Box is the easiest and most convenient way to meet your CLE requirements. The 2015 compliance deadline is February 1st for attorneys whose last name begins with H-M.

Participatory -- Self Study -- Required Subjects -- Material

1. Title: Ethics: All You Need to Know (2012)
Date Recorded: 12/01/2012
Hours: 4 hrs CLE credit (includes 4 hrs ethics credit)

Description: This seminar will give participants the opportunity to learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from the top practitioners in the field and to acquire four hours of ethics credit at the same time.

2. Title: Asset Protection: State of the Art
Date Recorded: 2/28/2013
3.25 hrs CLE credit

Description: From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of asset protection planning (i.e., what works and what does not), this program will teach you everything you need to know about protecting your assets from plaintiffs and creditors. The speaker will cover specific planning strategies and solutions, including planning with community property, business entities, and domestic and foreign trusts. Specific emphasis will be placed on protecting assets in a troubled economy, including protection from lenders and landlords holding personal guarantees. You'll learn various ways, from the very simple to the very sophisticated, to protect specific assets common to all clients: houses, bank and brokerage accounts, rental real estate, businesses and professional practices, and retirement plans.

3. Title: Breakfast with the Experts: Injunctions, Receiverships, and Attachments
Date Recorded:
1 hr of CLE credit

Description: Learn what the judges and commissioners in the Prejudgment Remedies Departments (85, 86, 12, and 90A) of the Los Angeles Superior Court Central District expect of practitioners regarding injunctions, writs of attachment and possession, and receiverships.

4. Title: Hot Topics in California Real Estate and Title Law: The Top 10 Cases of 2012
Date Recorded: 2/06/2013
Hours: 1 hr of CLE credit

Description: The speakers will cover important cases decided by California courts and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 that impact the practice of real estate law in California. The program is designed to give a quick overview of important developments in the law that all real estate lawyers in California should know.

5. Title: Equitable Easement
Date Recorded: 4/16/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: Explore the judicially created right to use another's property. Originally designed to protect the innocent encroacher from having to remove structures that do not substantially impact the land of the encroachee, it has been expanded to include rights of way where the dominant tenant cannot meet the traditionally recognized requisites of an easement by implication, prescription, or necessity. This program will include the background on and the development of equitable easements, their practical applications, and ways they may be extended in the future.

6. Title: Discrimination Update: Enforcement Initiatives, Systemic Cases, and Advanced Topics in Disability Law
Date Recorded: 5/18/2013
Hours: 3 hrs CLE credit

Description: A representative from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing along with plaintiff and defense counsel specializing in this area will discuss litigation and trial strategies, recent case law and regulatory developments, and company policy best practices in the areas of reasonable accommodation, interactive process, and leaves of absence. A representative from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission joined by seasoned plaintiff and defense attorneys will speak on recent initiatives in enforcement of systemic discrimination laws and emerging trends in litigation in this area.

7. Title: Sex, Bias and Substance Abuse — Those Hard to Get MCLE Credits
Date Recorded: 1/29/2013
Hours: 2 hrs CLE credit (includes 1 hr of Elimination of Bias and 1 hr of Substance Abuse)

Description: This program is presented by experts for the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law and will address current issues related to the elimination of bias in the legal profession and judicial system, including (1) ways in which compensation packages by law firms and other legal employers often adversely affect employees who are in same-sex relationships, including marriages; (2) experiences and treatment of gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons as jurors and court users; and (3) the federal litigation challenging Proposition 8 (Perry v. Brown). Professionals at the well-known Promises Treatment Center will address intervention, education, and treatment of addicted lawyers.

8. Title: You Don't Always Get What You See! Characterization of Commercial Transactions and Its Effects
Date Recorded: 2/25/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: The UCC and commercial law typically focus on substance over form. In a range of transactions, the label that parties put on a deal may not withstand scrutiny. These include: "leases" that are actually hidden "security interests" "consignments" that are sometimes "sales" and sometimes "security interests"; "sales" that are "security interests" where the "seller" retains too much risk; "co-obligors" who are actually "guarantors," and "debt" that is actually "equity."

9. Title: Reverse Engineering the Perfect H-1B Case: From RFE Back to Nuts and Bolts
Recorded: 3/05/2013
Hours: 2.25 hrs CLE credit

Description: This program will cover the basic nuts and bolts of the H-1B application process, including the latest developments affecting medium- and small-sized companies, and strategies for candidates with non-science/math backgrounds. Specific topics include: client intake, wage and LCA procedures, equivalency evaluations, responding to requests for evidence, and post-approval issues such as FDNS site visits. This program is designed for attorneys who need a basic understanding of the H-1B process and provides seasoned practitioners an opportunity to sharpen their strategies.

10. Title: Another Amazing Year in the Supreme Court: Affirmative Action! Class Actions! Proposition 8! Defense of Marriage Act! Gene Patenting! And More!
Date Recorded: 6/04/2013
Hours: 3 hrs CLE Credit

Description: Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Miller, two of California's premier legal minds, will discuss historic issues before the U.S. Supreme Court, including: (1) the Constitution and Marriage: Prop. 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act; (2) civil litigation, business cases, and the Supreme Court: class actions, arbitration, and intellectual property; (3) civil rights: affirmative action and voting; and (4) other issues raised by the audience.

11. Title: Cutting-Edge Developments in Criminal Law 2013
Date Recorded: 3/19/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: This seminar is designed to update criminal law practitioners on the most recent developments in criminal law. The speakers will discuss the impact of Crawford v. Washington (and its progeny) on the presentation of evidence, particularly expert testimony, at trial. The speakers will also cover the topics of prosecutorial misconduct, protective orders, habeas petitions and practice, and realignment. Criminal defense attorneys need to be aware of these significant changes in the law and how they affect the presentation of evidence in court.

12. Title: Machiavellian Scheduling: How to Recognize It, How to Handle It, How to Avoid It
Date Recorded: 1/22/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: The speakers will "lift the curtain" on the dark art of schedule manipulation and deception, and shed light on the techniques commonly used in costly delay-related change orders and claims.

13. Title: Frozen in Time: Riots in Los Angeles...Lessons Learned and Progress Made
Date Recorded: 3/20/2013
Hours: 2.25 hrs CLE credit

Description: It has been more than 20 years since the 1992 riots and almost 50 years since the Watts riots in 1965. This distinguished panel will address the impact of these events on the relations between the African American community and the Los Angeles Police Department, resulting in a fascinating discussion of where Los Angeles has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

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