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The LACBA 2015 CLE-in-a-Box meets all of your mandatory CLE requirements. The 25 hour audio CLE program includes self-study and participatory, substance abuse, elimination of bias and ethics. CLE-in-a-Box is the easiest and most convenient way to meet your CLE requirements. The 2015 compliance deadline is February 2nd for attorneys whose last name begins with H-M.

CLE-in-a-Box Includes:
Participatory -- Self Study -- Required Subjects -- Material

1. Title: Sex, Bias and Substance Abuse—Those Hard-to-Get MCLE Credits
Date Recorded: 01/29/2013
Hours: 2 hrs CLE credit (1 Elimination of Bias and 1 Substance Abuse)

Description: Current issues regarding elimination of bias based on sexual orientation in the legal profession.

This program is presented by experts for the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law and will address current issues related to the elimination of bias in the legal profession and judicial system, including (1) ways in which compensation packages by law firms and other legal employers often adversely affect employees who are in same-sex relationships, including marriages; (2) experiences and treatment of gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons as jurors and court users; and (3) recent developments in the litigation challenging Proposition 8 (Perry v. Brown).

The Alcoholic/Addicted Attorney: Intervention, Evaluation, Treatment, Monitoring
This program is presented by the professionals at the well-known Promises Treatment Center and will address intervention, education and treatment of addicted lawyers. The professionals at Promises Treatment Center have many years of experience treating professionals with addiction issues.

2. Title: Frozen in Time: The Death Penalty in California - Past, Present and Future
Date Recorded: 11/29/2013
3.25 hrs CLE credit (3.25 hrs Ethics)

Description: This program will focus on the ethics involved in capital punishment as it has been applied in the past, is applied in the present and is likely to be applied in the future.

The program will begin with a short presentation on the life and death of Caryl Chessman. It will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti.

Judge William Pounders will provide the judge's perspective on the impact and difficulties of presiding over a death penalty trial. Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace will discuss current perspectives on the prosecution of death penalty cases including issues of lingering doubt, victim impact evidence, and ethical issues of ineffective assistance of counsel.

Marcia Morrissey, criminal defense attorney, will discuss the defense against the death penalty ethically, morally, and legally. She will discuss the debate about capital punishment focused not on whether those convicted of violent crimes deserve to die, but whether the state is entitled to kill those whom it has imprisoned. In our criminal justice system, the rich and guilty fare better than the poor and innocent.

Joey Esposito, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, will discuss the criteria for a case to qualify for the death penalty, and Gil Garcetti will provide views on the current and future status of the death penalty in California.

3. Title: Storm Clouds on the Horizon or Blue Skies and Blue Waters? California's Revised Industrial Stormwater Regulations
Date Recorded:
1 hr CLE credit

Description: The newly revised Stormwater General Permit will affect every industrial facility in California, and it is critical that environmental lawyers understand this key regulatory regime.

This panel discussion will cover California's revised industrial stormwater regulations and provide an update on the key regulatory issues; the implications for counsel, consultants, and their clients; and the timeline for roll-out of the new regulations.

4. Title: Federal Tax Liens and the Secured Creditor
Date Recorded: 12/05/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: We forget that the IRS is not subject to Article 9 of the UCC, but writes its own rules. If you are or want to become a secured creditor, as you need to know those rules as they apply to Article 9 vs. the Internal Revenue Code.

5. Title: Ethics—All You Need to Know
Date Recorded: 12/07/2013
Hours: 4 hrs CLE credit (4 hrs Ethics)

Description: This seminar gives participants the opportunity to learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from the top practitioners in the field who are members of LACBA's Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee.

6. Title: Nuts & Bolts of Inverse Condemnation Actions
Date Recorded: 12/11/2013
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: Can property owners successfully sue the government when a public project damages their property? Inverse condemnation may provide an alternative theory of recovery for property damage resulting from public infrastructure projects, whether under construction or completed. Contrasting the property owners and government perspectives, experienced eminent domain practitioners will discuss what constitutes a public project and an actionable damaging of property, among the other foundational elements of inverse condemnation actions, as well as typical defenses.

7. Title: The Business Lawyer's Guide to International Taxation
Date Recorded: 2/19/2013
Hours: 2 hrs CLE credit

Description: "Tax consequences." Your eyes glaze over and your mind drifts. Understandable but very dangerous. The tax consequences of a cross-border transaction can make or break any deal. You must know the basics and be aware of the traps. This two-hour program will introduce you to the U.S. taxation of cross-border transactions; i.e., transactions with an international flavor. The discussion of outbound transactions will cover Controlled Foreign Corporations, Subpart F income, understanding and selecting treaties, withholding rules, negotiating points for joint ventures, Passive Foreign Investment Companies, and foreign tax credits. The discussion of inbound taxation will cover tax planning for EB-5 investors, pre-immigration income and estate tax planning, FIRPTA, and ownership structures for non-resident aliens.

8. Title: The Top 10 Real Estate Cases of 2013
Date Recorded: 2/28/2014
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: This program will cover important cases decided by California courts and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 that impact the practice of real estate law in California. This program is designed to give a quick overview of important developments in the law that all real estate lawyers in California should know about.

9. Title: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil: Disclosure of Environmental Conditions in Real Estate Transactions
Recorded: 3/12/2014
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: Sellers of property with real or potential environmental issues are often concerned about what a buyer may find out in due diligence. Buyers want to find out everything they can about the environmental condition of property and walk away if they find something they don't like. How can these competing concerns be addressed without affecting the viability of a deal? What must sellers disclose to buyers and governmental agencies? Do buyers or their environmental consultants have a disclosure obligation? Find out what attorneys, clients and brokers need to know about environmental disclosures to get to a closing. This program will provide insight into appropriate structures to address environmental disclosures in a purchase and sale context.

10. Title: Nuts & Bolts: Post Judgment Collection Remedies: Do It Right, Do It Once!
Date Recorded: 4/09/2014
Hours: 2 hrs CLE Credit

Description: After you have your judgment, what do you do to collect it? This always popular, well-attended program will walk you through the post judgment collection process, from recording Abstracts of Judgment, obtaining Writs of Execution, levying on various types of assets, and interacting with the sheriffs and process servers to effect successful collections the first time and every time.

11. Title: Non-Traditional Ethical Considerations for the Attorney in the Internet Age
Date Recorded: 4/22/2014
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: This panel will delve into digital pitfalls and ethical issues about which every attorney should be aware. From blogging about cases to improper jury communication via Facebook to the ethics of endorsements on LinkedIn, this primer will cover ethical responsibilities and obligations in the age of infinite and immediate online access to information.

12. Title: Avoiding Pitfalls in Common Real Estate Transactions
Date Recorded: 5/07/2014
Hours: 1 hr CLE credit

Description: Is Saturday a "business day" for the purpose of calculating critical time periods in an agreement? Many cases involve issues relating to boilerplate provisions that have simply been transferred from contract to contract without much, if any, thought as to their ramifications in case of litigation. However, in litigation, these provisions tend to become major issues. For example, many documents tend to provide for business days to be used when calculating time for notices or other key time deadlines. However, many lawyers do not realize that in California, Saturday is a business day. As a result, where time is of the essence, rights are lost because of the use of business days rather than calendar days.

This program deals with common problems in the boilerplate provisions of contracts often overlooked by attorneys and drafters but that are often of significance in litigation. Among the areas covered are:

  • Attorney fee clauses: forms and pros and cons, alternate dispute resolution—arbitration or judicial reference
  • Jurisdiction and venue provisions including provisions related to service of process
  • Incorporation of exhibits into an agreement
  • Integration clauses and ramifications of recent laws relating to email communications
  • Signatures with regard to letters of intent

The written materials provided contain suggested provisions to resolve many of the issues relating to boilerplate clauses and the issues that arise from boilerplate provisions after the deal is completed.

13. Title: Truth or Consequences: Negotiation Techniques and Ethics in Debtor-Creditor Cases (and Beyond)
Date Recorded: 6/03/2014
Hours: 2 hrs CLE credit (2 hrs Ethics)

Description: This program will focus on specific negotiation techniques and where ethical lines are drawn in debtor-creditor cases and more. It can be a fine line between bluffing and lying, or between a strong demand and an extortionate threat—a much finer line than you think! These and many more questions will be discussed in an engaging format.

14. Title: The JOBS Act- A Comprehensive Update
Date Recorded: 6/05/2014
Hours: 1.5 hrs CLE credit

Description: The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act became law in April 2012 and is perhaps the most important capital formation legislation in many years. Our outstanding panel of experts will provide a comprehensive update on the law, including the on-ramp to the IPO market for emerging growth companies, relaxed disclosure and Sarbanes-Oxley rules, new Rule 506(c) permitting general solicitation in private placements, increased flexibility under Regulation A, and the proposed new crowdfunding rules.

15. Title: Remedies for Lawyers who find themselves in Bankruptcy Court (Litigation And Enforcement of Selected Judgment Strategies)
Date Recorded: 2/25/2014
Hours: 2 hrs CLE credit

Description: LACBA's Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section and Remedies Section discuss litigation and enforcement issues in Bankruptcy Court.

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