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Environmental Law Section Newsletter Archive
Archived Issues
  • March-April 2003, File info: 1.2M, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    Reach of Clean Water Act Expands, But Who is Going to Pay for It? by Howard Gest
    O'Connor v Boeing North America Inc.: Ninth Circuit Ruling Imperils Statue of Limitations Defense in State Environmental Cases by Pedram F. Mazgani and Gary A. Meyer
    CERCLA's New Prospective Purchaser Defense by Gregory D. Trimarche, Esq.
    CAG v ARCO: Oil Companies Prevail in Accelerated Appeal of "Passive Migration" Ruling, by Stanley Landfair and Beth Dorris.

  • October-November 2002, File info: 955K, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    Environmental Law Section Inaugurates First Annual Fall Symposium, by Jennifer Taggart
    New Brownfields Guidance on Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers and Agreements with the EPA, by Robert J. Vincze and Christopher J. Neumann
    Hartwell v. Superior Court: The California Supreme Court Effectively Immunizes Regulated Water Companies From Toxic Tort Liability, by Thomas L. Van Wyngarten, and Arturo Padilla
    Recent CEQA Cases Continue to Wrestle with Project Segmentation Issues, by Daniel V. Hyde

  • January-February 2002, File info: 483K, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    War on Terrorism: Environmental Issues, by Brian A. Runkel
    "Crisis" Means Almost Never Having to Say You're Sorry, by Esther Feldman
    A Conversation With Chaos: Why It's So Hard to Bring Objectivity to CEQA, by Ken Swenson
    The Ninth Circuit's Disposal of the Passive Migration Theory, by Lisa Bond

  • June-July 2001, File info: 1.32M, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    Citizen Enforcement Under Proposition 65 Must Provide Adequate Notices, by Kurt Weissmuller and Viviana L. Heger
    U.S. Supreme Court Impedes Environmental Justice Litigation, by Daniel V. Hyde
    Yogi's Lament "It ain't over 'til it's over": A Loot at the World of Parallel and Multiple Enforcement Actions, by Gary A. Meyer
    Ninth Circuit Grants En Banc Hearing On Carson Harbor Village Case, by Lisa Bond

  • March-April 2001, File info: 738K, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    It's For the Birds: Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, by Kurt Zimmerman
    Mold Litigation Epidemic: A Growing Trend in Toxic Tort and Construction Defect Cases, by David M. Walsh and Geoffrey T. Stover
    School Site Acquisition in Southern California: New Laws Require More Extensive Review of Potential School Sites, by Ryan Hiete and Jennifer L. Elliot
    Brownfields Legislative Update: $85 Million in Loans and Other Developments, by Gideon Kracov

  • November-December 2000, File info: 436K, Adobe Acrobat PDF
    Strategies for a Successful Brownfield Transaction: Catellus Subsidiary Acquires Kaiser Steel Mill Site for Redevelopment, by Kathy Smalley
    MTBE Update: Recent Litigation and Regulatory Efforts to Combat MTBE Contamination, by Kenneth A. Ehrlich
    Counseling Your Client on Environmental Inspections, by Vincent M. Gonzales
    Recent Case Developments:
    California Supreme Court Sends Mixed Signals in Latest Groundwater Rights Decision, by James L. Markman
    Court of Appeal Demands More Detail for Redevelopment Plan EIR, by Jan Chatten-Brown
    The Ninth Circuit Tackles a CERCLA Oxymoron: "Passive Migration", by Lisa Bond

  • November-December 2000 (pdf file)
    Recent Case Developments:
    Supreme Court Weakens Standing Defense in Clearn Water Act Citizen Suits, by Daniel V. Hyde
    Federal Court of Appeals Limits EPAs Overfiling, by Kenneth A. Manaster
    California Appellate Court Extends Foster-Gardner to Insurer's Duty to Indemnify, by Douglas R. Painter
    Toxic Tort Litigation and Beyond, by Randolf C. Visser and Steven J. Oppenheimer

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