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International Law Section Listserve Guidelines

GOAL: The goal of the International Law Section Listserve is to encourage the free flow of information to all Section members. The International Law Section encourages a vibrant, informative dialogue that adheres to the guidelines applicable to all Section members.

TOPICS: Limited to international law matters and Section activities.

AUTHORIZED USERS: Only International Law Section members are authorized to post and respond to questions on the International Law Section Listserve.


1) Disclaimer: The information contained on the International Law Section Listserve does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association International Law Section, or its officers or members. The content of these emails is not intended to constitute legal advice or to create an attorney-client relationship, but is intended as a news service that provides information solely to members of the Los Angeles County Bar Association International Law Section. No reliance on the contents of these emails by any person, including LACBA International Law Section members, is intended. For advice on matters concerning any legal matter, competent legal counsel should be independently consulted.

2) Identification: Users must include their names and email addresses on all emails.

3) Language: Abusive, offensive, or obscene language is not permitted. Cultural, gender, racial, ethnic, or religious bias or attacks are not allowed.

4) Events Postings: All postings for seminars, training, international law related events, and announcements must be approved by the current Chair, Constance Kim. Please send requests to Constance Kim at ckintl2010@gmail.com. The Chair will arrange for the posting of the announcement if it is approved.

5) Attachments: Members may not send attachments to the Listserve.
However, the Chair of the International Law Section may be able to arrange for attachments to be sent. Any member having any questions about attachments should forward their question to msd@lacba.org.

6) Headings: The subject line of the email must indicate the type of message being sent.

7) Unsubscribe: The International Law Section Executive Committee retains the right and discretion to remove anyone who violates these guidelines from the Listserve.

  • You can unsubscribe directly from an e-mail from the Listserve by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.
  • On some servers the link may not be active. Simply copy and paste the entire "leave-..." address on to a new email and click on SEND.
  • You can also unsubscribe by calling our Member Service Department at 213-896-6560.
    8) Listserve Questions/ Concerns: The International Law Section Executive Committee encourages a healthy, interactive discourse among members of the Listserve. If any member has any questions or concerns regarding any postings on the Listserve, the member should direct those concerns to the Chair, Constance Kim ckintl2010@gmail.com.

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