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Los Angeles Superior Court Central
District Probate Department

Interactive E- Mail Parameters

  1. Initially limited to Department 11 matters.
  2. Purposes:

A. To alert the Probate Attorney, who prepared the notes, that a document( s) was filed that should clear the notes;

  1. To request a continuance or change a recommended continuance date;
  2. Request authority to file " clearing document" with Attorney Order. Filing of such documents will be allowed in the discretion of the Probate Attorney. Examples of such documents are as follows:
    1. FTB Income Tax Certificate;
    2. Waiver of notice/special notice or withdrawal of request for special notice; 
    3. Waiver of account;
    4. Consent to act;
    5. PC 8800d cert filed;
    6. Bank letters and if required, reconciliation;
    7. Certified Copies of letters for personal representative;
    8. Waiver of notice of proposed action.

    3.  To ask a question(s) regarding a specific defect(s) or issue(s).

III. E-Mail must be directed to the address appearing at the end of the probate notes.

IV. E-Mail inquiries shall be may be made only after reviewing the calendar notes, shall contain the following information and conform to the sample displayed below:

1. General identifying information:

1. Hearing Date;
2. Department;
3. Case Number;
4. Case Name;
5. Calendar Number;
6. Title of Calendar Matter.

2.     A reply telephone number;
3.     Information to address defects or issues:

1. Specific reference to defect or issue;
2. E-Mail message shall not exceed:

a. Two lines as to each defect or issue;
b. Total E-Mail message shall not exceed 2 pages;
c. Limited to only 1 E-Mail message per calendar matter per hearing date.

4.     Information intended to advise the Probate Attorney documents were filed that should clear probate notes. That message should include:

  1. Title of document(s);

  2. Date(s) of filing

5.     E-Mail is not intended to substitute for a supplement or other document for purposes of clearing probate notes and shall not include any attachments.
6.     E-Mail messages will not be reviewed if received after 2:00 p.m. second calendar day preceding the scheduled hearing day.
7.     E-Mail that does not comply with III, IV & V above will be rejected without review.


Sample E-Mail Message


DATE: June 7,1999
FROM: Mary Jones
TELEPHONE #: (213) 999-9999
HEARING DATE: June 9, 1999
CASE NAME: Robb, Brenda
TITLE OF PETN: Petn for Waiver of Account and Final Distribution, etc.
Defect A: Notice of Hearing was filed 611199
Defect B: Can I file the FTB Income Tax Cert with A/O?
Defect C: What is meant by interest on cash gift? can you cite a PC reference?


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