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Real Property Review Articles

Real Property Review Newsletter page

Spring 2008

  • Out of Mind But No Longer Out Of Sight: Bankruptcy Issues Real Estate Professionals Will Soon Face
  • Tips for Success: How to Excel as a Real Estate Attorney
  • In a World Awash in Capital, Where is the Smart Money in Real Estate Headed?
  • Art of Being - Using Outside Counsel
  • Anatomy of a Successful Brownfield Redevelopment Project: How Did They Do It?

Summer 2006

  • The Year 2005 in Review: Annual Construction Law Update, Part One
  • Current Problems with and Issues Arising under California Lis Pendens Law
  • Strategies in Negotiating Lease Expansion Rights for Landlords and Tenants
  • A Review of Recent Supreme Court Cases that Concern Real Estate Law
  • Eminent Domain as a Redevelopment Tool in California After Kelo v. City of New London
  • Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Contractors
  • Locating and Using “Smoking Guns” in Construction Litigation: The Importance of Thorough Document Review
  • Contracting Around the “Discovery Rule” In Contracts for Geological and Environmental Services

Summer 2005

  • Current Issues in Surety Law — An Overview
  • Elements of a Real Estate Loan – A Primer
  • Upcoming Events for 2005
  • MCLE Program: All About MERS
  • Top 10 Lease Issues
  • A Mechanic’s Lien Primer
  • Community Outreach Program
  • Regulating and Subsidizing Superstores: The Big-Box Paradox
  • Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium on Real Estate Law and Business.
  • Perspectives on Negotiation, Allocation and Assumption of Risk in Real Estate Deals Today
  • Recent Tax Developments Affecting Real Estate
  • Dispatches from the Retail Wars: A Conversation with Rick Caruso
  • Mezzanine and Securitized Financing: What Every Borrower Needs to Know
  • Resolving the Battles Between Landlords and Tenants Without Starting a War

Spring 2005

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Procedure
  • Construction Defects and Claims
  • Permits and Zoning
  • Insurance
  • Suretyship
  • Labor and Employment
  • Licensing
  • Liens, Waivers and Lis Pendens
  • Public Works of Improvement
  • Safety and Personal Injury
  • Sneak Peek at 2005

Spring 2005, Part 2

  • Disputed Boundaries
  • Condominium Conversions: Five Steps Towards Regulatory Compliance
  • Infill

Winter 2005

  • Message From The Editor
  • Mezzanine Financing: He Who Holds the Cash is King
  • Highlights of the Contractor’s State License Law (Including Summary of the California Performance Review)
  • Los Angeles Faces Challenge of Infill Housing
  • Of Course We’ll Make the Loan. After All What is so Unique about Financing a Ground Lease?
  • Escalation Claims and Clauses
  • Become a Real Property Section Reporter!
  • Save the Date: Seventh Annual Installation and Awards Dinner
  • Real Property Section Upcoming Events for 2005
  • Real Property Section Self-Study Tapes

Fall 2004

  • Message from the Chair: “VOTER” — The Five Basic Principles of Leadership
  • Pick Your Trap: Practical Tips for Dealing with Boundary Disputes
  • The Practical Lawyer: Insurance Deductibles as Operating Expenses
  • Condemnation Clauses — Practice Tips
  • Become a Real Property Section Reporter!

Summer 2004

  • Letter to LACBA Members
  • Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium Embarks on New Era
  • 2004 Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium Sponsors
  • Are There Limits to A Partner’s Duty of Loyalty?
  • How to Kill a Development Project in 10 Easy Steps
  • Real Property Section Member Entitlements

Spring 2004

  • Public Works Prevailing Wage Requirements on Private Developments
  • The Practical Lawyer: Sophisticated Use of Estoppels
  • Real Property Section Membership Information
  • The Year 2003 In Review: Construction Law Update
  • Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium
  • Sixth Annual Installation and Awards Dinner

Summer 2003

  • Should Developers Opt Out of the SB 800 Pre-litigation Procedures?
  • Construction Management: An Overview
  • Restrictions on Predatory Lending Practices Applicable to California Mortgage Loans
  • Photo Gallery from the 2003 Installation Dinner

Spring 2003

  • Remedies for Deadlock in Business Entities
  • California Supreme Court Rules on Antiquated Subdivisions
  • Negotiating CAM Caps: Balancing the Interests of Landlords and Tenants
  • Title Insurance Law Update

Fall 2002

  • California Supreme Court Holds That Theory of Abandonment of Contract Does Not Apply to Public Works Contracts
  • California Legislature Restricts Development of “Antiquated Subdivisions
  • Construction Law Update
  • Title Insurance Law Update
  • Fourth Annual Installation and Awards Dinner

January/February 2002

  • Design-Build, GMAX, Lump Sum or CM? — Determining the Most Effective Contract Method in Today’s Environment
  • Civil Code §3110.5: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?
  • Weinberg v. Whatcom County>
  • Recent Case Law & Statutes

November/December 2001

  • Correcting an Arbitration Award
    Be Wary of What You Sign — Contracts of Adhesion May Be Enforceable

September/October 2001

  • Silent Escrow Agents: How California Addresses Escrow Liability in Real Estate Transactions
  • Supreme Court Visits First Year Law School Question: What is Proximate Cause?
  • Vallely Investments v. Bancamerica Commercial Corp.
    Calendar of Events

May/June 2001

  • Cardinal Change/Abandonment: An Analysis of Federal and California Decisions
  • Statutory Release Forms: Is the Construction Industry Living in a Fool’s Paradise?
  • The United States Supreme Court Brings Affirmative Action Back to the Front Page
  • CLE Audio/Video Tapes

March/April 2001

  • Homebuilder Victory in the California Supreme Court
  • 2001 Real Property Section Installation Dinner
  • Energy Crisis Affects Shopping Center Owners
  • Preparing for Revised UCC Article 9
  • Calendar of Events
  • Carson Harbor Update

November/December 2000

  • Document Severing Joint Tenancy Must Record Before Death of Servering Joint Tenant
  • Prior Property Owner Liability for Passive Waste Migration: Recent Ninth Circuit Ruling>
  • Ninth Circuit Also Rules that Voluntary Remedial Action May Be “Necessary” Under CERCLA Homeowner’s Policy
  • Meet The Homeowner’s Policy
  • Calendar of Events

September/October 2000

  • Common Title Insurance Pitfalls To Avoid for the General Practitioner>
  • Recollection and Recognition in the Rotunda
  • Calendar of Events

January/February 2000

  • California Court Re-Emphasizes Important Construction Law Principles
  • Supreme Court Denies Emotional Distress Damages in Construction Defect Cases
  • Calendar of Events
  • Welcome to Y2K

January/February 1999

  • The Year 2000 Bug and Commercial Leases
  • Summary of 1998 Legislation Affecting The Real Estate and Construction Industries Calendar

September/October 1999

  • Relief For Undersecured Lenders
  • Tech Notes: Real Estate Industry News – Locating it on the Internet
  • Expedited ADR Provisions: When Time Really Is Of The Essence
  • Save The Date
  • Calendar
  • Done Any Deals Lately?
  • To Certify or Not to Certify?

November/December 1998

  • News From the Section Chair
  • Real Estate Cases
  • Successor Lessees Who Do Not Execute Assumption Agreements May Not Be Bound by All Lease Covenants
  • Federal Trademark and Local Zoning Laws Collide
  • Internet and Real Estate Lawyers
  • Community Outreach Opportunities
  • In Memoriam – Robert B. Flaig
  • Calendar
  • CLE Tapes

September/October 1998

  • Tips for Buying Property Out of Bankruptcy
  • Before You Sign That Letter of Intent
  • Letter From the Chair
  • Calendar

January/February 1998

  • Tech Notes: Legislation Monitoring
  • Los Angeles Area Housing Market on the Road Back
  • Universal Real Estate Document Drafting Checklist
  • Calendar

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