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Index of Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium Titles

The following is an index of Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium titles from 1986 to 2001. If you wish to purchase a copy of the audio/video tape and/or materials please call Israel Chaidez of the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Multimedia Department at 213-896-6453.

History of the Crocker Symposium

2001 Leasing in the New Economy: A High-Powered Top 10 Review of Commercial, Industrial & Retail Leasing (available)

  • Top 10 Issues When Representing A Tenant
  • Top 10 Issues In Dealing with Telecommunications in
  • Commercial Real Estate Projects
  • Top 10 Issues in Doing a Tech/Dot.Com deal
  • Top 10 Issues Related to Estoppel Certificates
  • Top 10 Issues in Dealing with Landlord Remedies
  • Top 10 Issues in Work Letters
  • Top 10 Issues in Drafting and Negotiating Subleases

Real Estate Development 2000: (available)

  • What’s New - Trends, Demographics
  • Overview of Development of Commercial, Retail & Industrial Projects
  • Overview of Residential Development
  • Creating a New Model for Downtown L.A.
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate

1999 The Changing Landscape of Real Estate Finance and Investment: Real Estate Practitioners Face the Millennium (available)

  • Lender Liability Issues in Capital Markets Transactions
  • What’s Right and What’s Wrong with REITs
  • Conduit Loans, Mezzanine Loans and Securitization- the Changing Market for Real Estate Finance
  • The Future of Los Angeles and southern California as a World Center- Economic and Real Estate Development Opportunities in the 21st Century

1998 Emerging Trends in Real Estate Finance and How to Deal with the Tough Issues(available)

  • Securitized Mortgage Lending
  • Third-Party Credit Enhancement and Cash Collateral
  • Hotel Financing

1997 Exploring the Complexities of Commercial Leasing - A Walkabout with the Pros (available)

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Lease Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental Issues
  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • Lender Issues & Foreclosures
  • General Leasing Issues

1996 Investing & Disposing of Real Property - Beyond the Basics: How to Handle the Tough Issues in Today's Market (available)

  • Disclosure Requirements & "As Is" Clauses - Allocating Environmental Liabilities & Transferring Contaminated Property - The State of the Art
  • Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses - The State of the Art;
  • Identifying & Addressing Issues Related to Real Estate Sales Transactions & Drafting the Back of the Agreement - The State of the Art

1995 California Real Property Transactions: Evolving Principles & New Dilemmas (available)

  • Industry Forecast
  • General Principles of Secured Real Property Transactions
  • Third Party Transaction: Letters of Credit, Guaranties & Waivers
  • Multi-State Transaction & Choice of Law Provisions
  • Assignment of Rents, Profits & Cash Collateral

1994 The Renaissance Real Estate Lawyer (available)

  • Politics & the Real Estate Industry: Partners or Adversaries?
  • Today's & Tomorrow's Critical Issues in Land Use Planning, Title Insurance & Real Estate Finance
  • Today's & Tomorrow's Critical Issues in Commercial Development, Construction Law & Real Estate Litigation
  • Total Quality Services: The Challenge of Managing Law Firms To Be Service Providers in the 90's

1993 Program Outline: (available)

  • Our Real Estate Future
  • Real Estate Finance - Navigating the Regulatory Maze
  • Partnerships in Transition
  • Affordable Housing & Mixed-Use Projects: Development in the 90's

1992 Commercial Leasing - Current Developments

  • Shopping Center & Retail Leasing
  • Common Area Maintenance Cost & Allocations
  • Leasing Issues in Expanding & Refurbishing Existing Shopping Centers
  • Use, Radius & Co-Tenancy Provisions
  • Opening & Operating Covenants & Percentage Rent
  • Office & Industrial Leasing
  • The Industrial/Commercial Leases of the American Industrial Real Estate Association: Their Background & Function & Issues of Particular Concern in Industrial Leases
  • The New Age of Lease Negotiations

1991 Dealing with the Troubled Real Estate Project

  • The Troubled Project During Construction
  • The Troubled Project During Operation

1990 Financing, Developing and Leasing a Commercial Property - The Life & Death of A Project

  • Negotiating, Structuring & Documenting Acquisition, Development, Construction & Lease-Up Financing
  • Lease Provisions & Collateral Instruments Desired/Required by Lenders & Tenants

1989 The Real Estate Syndicate Disposes of a "Dirty" Property - A Melodrama in Three Acts

Act I - Assessing the Property
What Environmental Laws Should We Be Concerned About? How "Dirty" is the Property? How Do We Find Out? Do We Have to Disclose What We Find Out? How Can We Clean It Up? What if We Don't?

Act II - Making the Deal
Allocation of Environmental Risks & Cost - Perspectives & Concerns of the Seller, the Buyer & the Lender

Act III - The Syndicate Winds Up
What Contingencies Should Be Provided For? Can We Insure Against These? How Much of the Proceeds Should We Distribute? Is There Life After Death (of the Partnership)?

1988 Advising Real Estate Developers in a Slow-Growth Environment

  • General Matters of Concern to Developers. The Current Political Environment for Development in This Region
  • The Current Legal Environment for Development
  • Processing a Project Through the Regulatory System

1987 The Mixed Collateral - Creditors' Rights and Remedies: New UCC Section 9501(4)

1986 Purchase and Sale Agreements 

1985 Program Outline:

  • Foreclosures, Anti-Deficiency, Guarantees & Federal Bankruptcy - Selected Issues
  • Standardization of Opinion Letters
  • Living With the Deficit Reduction Act: Withholding, Tax-Free Exchanges & Other Current Tax Topics
  • Often Overlooked Rent (Common Area Maintenance, Repair & Other Charges) Clauses in Shopping Center Leases

1984 Program Outline:

  • Business & Legal Aspects of Real Estate Syndication
  • Real Estate Tax Update
  • What the Lawyer Needs to Know About the Department of Real Estate

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