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January, 2007

Recent Cases


Newly incorporated city was not required to approve a final subdivision map where the vesting tentative subdivision map had been submitted by the developer to the county after the city’s incorporation had begun and was approved by county after city’s incorporation had been approved by electorate. City did not bind itself to approve final subdivision map by adopting county ordinances approving vesting tentative subdivision map in manner that replaced references to the county and its board of supervisors with references to the city and its city council. City was not estopped from withholding approval of final subdivision map where city worked extensively with developer to clear the county-imposed conditions from the vesting tentative map at considerable expense to developer--estoppel may not be based on expenditures made before a building permit or its functional equivalent has issued--and where there was no evidence in the record that any official, employee, or agent of the city made any express representation that the city would approve the map, and undisputed evidence shows that city officials publicly voiced their concerns about the project both before and after the incorporation became effective.
     City of Goleta v. Superior Court (Oly Chadmar Sandpiper General Partnership) - filed December 21, 2006
     Cite as 2006 SOS 6203
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Upcoming Events

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California's One Action Rule & Anti-Deficiency Laws: Still Around After All These Years
Sponsoring Subsection: Real Estate Finance

This program will provide an overview of California's "one action" and anti-deficiency laws. Dennis Arnold will refresh the memories of those who experienced the last "down" market in the mid- 90's and introduce the topic to those who have only experienced the robust real estate market of the past 10 years. Mr. Arnold will also address recent developments that affect CCP sections 580d, 580a & 726.

Speaker: Dennis B. Arnold, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street , Los Angeles
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What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Dealing with Redevelopment Agencies
Sponsoring Subsection:  Commercial Development & Leasing

This program will review the purpose and power of redevelopment agencies and the issues of concern to real estate attorneys when dealing with redevelopment issues.

Steven Gourley, Malek & Malek
Joseph W. Pannone, Kane Ballmer & Berkman
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles
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Negotiation of Environmental Insurance: Key Changes in Policy Terms That Insureds Should Seek and Insurers May Give
Sponsoring Subsection:  Land Use Planning and Environmental Law

Environmental insurance has become an important element of many real estate transactions. Policy forms contain a number of coverage gaps that may be closed or ambiguities that may be clarified or terms that may be improved by negotiation of amendatory endorsements. A panel including an expert environmental insurance broker and attorney will review a number of policy terms, problems and possible solutions. This panel will blow past the basics of environmental insurance and provide their practical experience negotiating policy changes and their perspective on what changes are feasible with insurers.

Chris Falbo, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Donald C. Nanney, Gilchrist & Rutter
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street , Los Angeles
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Recent Cases and Legislation
Sponsoring Subsection:  Title Insurance

Speakers: TBA
Sheraton Pasadena Hotel, 303 East Cordova Street , Pasadena
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Real Estate Finance Update
Sponsoring Subsection:  Real Estate Finance

An overview of recent developments in real estate finance, including a review of significant cases and legislation and discussion on selected topics of current interest in real estate finance.

Scott Cooper, Sidley Austin LLP
Ira J. Waldman, Cox Castle & Nicholson LLP
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street , Los Angeles
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Hot Topics in Ground Leasing
Sponsoring Subsection:  Commercial Development & Leasing

This program will review the nature of a ground lease and shall explore in depth important issues that concern the ground landlord and ground tenant.

Speakers:  TBA
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street , Los Angeles
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Annual Construction Law Update and Robert Flaig Award Presentation
Sponsoring Subsection:  Construction Law

Harold E. Hamersmith, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Helen Lauderdale
Candace Matson
LACBA Conference Center, 281 S. Figueroa Street , Los Angeles
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