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Los Angeles Lawyer

The Survival Guide for New Attorneys

Fall 2006
Table of Contents

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Practice Basics


Be a Dog
Patric M. Verrone

Building a Good Mentoring Relationship
Michael A. Geibelson

Seven Myths of California Legal Ethics
John W. Amberg

Sharpening Your Legal Writing Skills
Scott Wood

Getting the Most out of Support Staff
David A. Schnider

Building a Profitable Practice with an LRIS
Sheldon J. Warren

Establishing Your Own Practice
Laine T. Wagenseller

The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance
Thomas L. Browne and Thomas P. Sukowicz

The Benefits of a Tax Controversy Practice
Jennifer Kowal

Yes, You Can Take a Vacation...and Should
R. J. Comer

Case Strategies

Demystifying Filing
Debora Sanfelippo

Answers about Answering a Complaint
Lauren Sudar

Practice That Takes You out of State
Hassan A. Allen

Discovery Sanctions in Federal and State Court
Casey L. Morris and Kevin A. Shaw

Corporate Depositions in State and Federal Court
Jerry Abeles

Preparing a Witness for a Deposition
Robert C. O'Brien

Defending Depositions
Valerie D. Rojas

How to Succeed with Expert Witnesses
David Nolte

The Dangers of the "Usual Stipulation" in Deposition Practice
Steven D. Archer

Consolidation, Coordination, and MDL
Malini Nangia

Preparing for Contractual Arbitration
Judge Lawrence C. Waddington (Ret.)

Fact and Fiction of Structured Settlements
James J. Brady

At Trial

Choosing Venue in California Courts
Mark E. Millard

Understanding Federal Civil Tax Controversies
Sharyn M. Fisk

What to Expect When You Go to Court
Nancy A. Kaiser

Practicing in Federal Court
Judge Margaret M. Morrow

Pet Peeves from the Bench and Your Peers
Judge Anthony J. Mohr

The Art of Direct Examination
Michael D. Schwartz and Phillip R. Maltin

Preserving Issues for Appeal
Benjamin G. Shatz


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