Brought to you by LACBA’S Remedies Section
November, 2006 • Volume 2, Number 1





By:  Mel Aranoff, Esq.

Our Section made several important, but easy transitions this year, the most dramatic being a name change.  We jettisoned  the Section’s long held, but unwieldy title of “Provisional and Post-Judgment” in favor of the simpler and more direct name of the “Remedies Section.” We had determined that the old title might have been confusing, especially to potential new Section members.  However, our mission has not been altered: the Section still works hard at educating the Bar on issues relating to creditors’ rights and remedies, whether pre or post-judgment.

The name change is one that was intended to alert practitioners to the fact that they may very well have a substantial practice in the areas that we cover. As the Section noted in an “e-burst” to Los Angeles County Bar members, many probably did not know that if their practice includes civil litigation and they: “are seeking writs of attachment, writs of possession, receiverships, injunctions, foreclosing on collateral and deal with post-judgment collection issues such as judgment debtor examinations, post-judgment liens, post-judgment discovery, sheriff levies, etc., it is likely that” such attorneys would gain much by joining the Section.  

The second major change has involved the website (go to: and pull up the Remedies web page) and electronic communications within the section. We have fully revamped the Section’s web page in order to provide members and others with a clear presentation of the services offered, and past issues of the Section’s Newsletter (going back to 1998), in formats that are more accessible and direct.  This change has also resulted in the development and creation of a listserve, automatically available for any issues relating to the practice for members of the Remedies Section. We welcome any and all of you with thorny issues to use the listserve, as you will be pleased with the prompt and detailed responses from the other participants.  Judges have even been known to chime in!

As I come to the end of my second round as Section Chair, I cannot fully express my appreciation to all of those who contributed their time and effort in making this such a successful year. I have been gratified by the dedication and devotion of the Executive Committee and LACBA’s professional staff in the first-rate implementation of these changes, and in the continued presentation of highly informative programs.  The programs this past year included the perennial favorite, “Breakfast with the Experts,” with the usual high attendance to hear directly from the judges specializing in Remedies in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, in downtown Los Angeles.  We also had very successful programs covering Enforcement of Writs, Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Receiverships, and the interplay between the new bankruptcy laws and remedies issues.  This Newsletter contains some  highly practical information concerning security interests in intellectual property, and enforcing non-enforceable jury trial waivers.   I wish the best of luck to the incoming Chair, Peter Davidson, and the new slate of officers, in the coming year.


Mel Aranoff is a partner at Horgan, Rosen, Beckham & Coren, LLP