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Current Case Law

  LACBA's Daily eBriefs deliver summaries of published appellate court decisions with convenient links to the full opinion.

  Los Angeles Lawyer magazine equips attorneys with online search capabilities to find specific topics from an archive rich in substantive law articles covering in-depth legal analysis and procedures.

Court Tracking Tools

Elerts supply attorneys with four ways to configure e-mail notifications: by a client's name, case number, new case filing, or by case type. Whenever a filing is made at the courthouse, Elerts notify the attorney that a new lawsuit has been filed against a client, or a motion has been filed on a particular case number or type. Attorneys can learn about these court motions a day or two before their clients do, alerting the attorneys to take charge proactively on behalf of their clients. Or attorneys can track the filing activity of their opposing counsel, client, or prospective client for all Los Angeles Superior Court cases. See below for more information about each of the four Elerts or go directly to configure any one of these options for your automatic notifications:
 Daily Case Watch
 Daily Case Filings Elerts
 Daily Case Type
 Daily Name Watch

Experts and Consultants

  Attorneys find trial-experienced witnesses in hundreds of specialized and unique subject areas at expert4law.org—The Legal Marketplace. The Web site can be searched by name, subject area, company, or keyword. If you're looking for alternative dispute services, expert4law.org also furnishes a list of arbitrators and mediators.

Preparation for Court

  LACBA supplies members with automated California Judicial Council Smart Forms free of charge from LexisNexis. At all stages of case management, especially during trial preparation, attorneys require these forms. By using Hot Docs, made available at no cost to LACBA members, you can fill out the forms online and save them for future use or editing.

  The Appellate Tips deliver in-depth explanations to your computer for when, how, and under what circumstances an appeal should be launched and pursued.


  The Searchable Civil Register arms attorneys to search all filings in the Los Angeles Court Civil Register using a variety of search criteria, including issues, judges, law firms, and parties involved. Containing data from 1997 to the present, the register includes information about general and limited jurisdiction civil cases from all districts (except cases filed in Van Nuys (general jurisdiction) before January 8, 2001). For example, information about how a judge rules on challenges, demurrers, and motions can be found as well as that judge's number of trial days.