The Criminal Docket


December 2005

Volume 1, Number 1

Welcome back to the new and improved Criminal Docket, created for your benefit by the Criminal Justice Section of the L.A. County Bar.  We have revived The Docket in an effort to provide Section members with up-to-date practice-related information as well as to keep you in the loop with what is going on in the criminal justice community as a whole.  We hope the ability to read The Docket online will make it easier for you to access the variety of topics we intend to cover.

The Docket is a work in progress.  However, we already are providing columns offering perspectives from prosecutors, defense counsel, and the bench on particular cases and particular issues within our practice.  This will include discussion of developments in both state and federal law.  Calendars of events for not only the Criminal Justice Section, but other local bar associations, will be posted.  Among many other ideas, we plan to include an interactive question-and-answer column with a local criminal law expert, as well as the ability to access our Members Directory, in the near future.

We welcome any suggestions you have as to how to make The Docket even better, to make it even more useful and relevant to you, whether it be from improved coverage of legal issues to features and profiles you would like to see.  Our sole goal is to serve the interests of our membership.  Thanks for visiting The Docket.  We hope you will make it a habit!
Thomas Rubinson, Chair

In This Issue:
   United States Supreme Court Decisions
United States Supreme Court Reviews Granted
United States Court of Appeals (9th Circuit) Decisions
One Minute Briefs from L.A. County District Attorney
Klein's Corner - Legal Nuggets from the Hon. Ross Klein
Memo from Presiding Judge Re: In-Custody Wheelchair and Stretcher Cases
Photos from Bench and Bar Reception