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Historical Highlights of the L.A. Legal Community

Courtesy of the Metropolitan News-Enterprise

Today Los Angeles is a vibrant, multi-cultural city, and the second-largest city in the United States. In the early years of the 20th century, L.A. was part of the Old West, and the legal community was less restrained (and more part of the “Wild West”) than it is today. Click on one of the links below to read about some of the significant events in the lifeof LACBA, and of L.A.'s lawyers. Articles are arranged by the decade in which the historical events occurred.

1850's Los Angeles County’s First District Attorney: Job-Hopper, Politico, Recluse
(Perspectives, July 7, 2006)

County's Third District Attorney Was Army Captain, Alcalde, Judge
(Perspectives, July 12, 2006)

DA Battled Union Troops, Confronted Lynch Mob, Helped Found Glendale
(Perspectives, July 14, 2006)

County's Seventh DA: Southerner, Soldier, Slayer, Secessionist
(Perspectives, July 19, 2006)

1856: Future L.A. District Attorney Fails to Quell 'Insurrection' by Vigilantes
(Perspectives, August 1, 2006

Much Uncertainty Surrounds Early Years of DA's Office
(Perspectives, August 28, 2006)

1860's Candidate With Pro-Slavery Views Elected District Attorney in 1863
(Perspectives,  August 15, 2006)

State High Court Decides Outcome of 1867 Race for District Attorney
(Perspectives, Sept. 5, 2006)

1870's Thom, Howard Collide in 1873 in Quest for District Attorney Post
(Perspectives, Sept. 12, 2006)

Future U.S. Senator Loses DA's Race: 1875
(Perspectives, September 16, 2006)

1880's Fourth Time Was the Charmer for DA Hopeful Stephen M. White
(Perspectives, September 26, 2006)

California Lieutenant Governor Defends Federal Anti-Chinese Law in U.S. High Court
(Perspectives, October 3, 2006)

Statue of County's 17th DA Erected at Courthouse, Now Stands Near Harbor
(Perspectives, Oct. 23, 2006)

Statue Goes From Broadway to Hill to Storage Yard to Grand...to San Pedro
(Perspectives, October 30, 2006)

J.R. Dupuy: Most Obscure DA in Los Angeles County's History
(Perspectives, November 4, 2006)

Frank P. Kelly: Last DA of Wild West Era, Sworn In on 35th Birthday
(Perspectives, November 14, 2006)

1890's Young Solon Champions California's Stance in Favor of Chinese Exclusion
(Perspectives, Oct. 16, 2006)

1892 Sees Rough-and-Tumble Race for Los Angeles District Attorney’s Post
(Perspectives, Nov. 27, 2006)

McLachlan, Dillon Compete Fiercely in 1892 DA’s Race 
(Perspectives, Nov. 28, 2006)

J.A. Donnell Wins DA's Post in 1894 Republican Sweep
(Perspectives, December 12, 2006
LACBA’s Republican Caucus Makes Endorsements
(Perspectives, June 10, 2005)

Helm Leads Local Bar during Crackdown on Shysters
(Reminiscing, January 31, 2008)

Helm Heads Statewide Bar Group, Rails Against Creating Recalls
(Reminiscing, February 7, 2008
1931 - 1940 1932: County Bar Mounts Campaign to Recall Three Judges
(Perspectives, June 21, 2005)

1930's County Bar Seeks Defeat of Eight Superior Court Judges
(Perspectives, June 29, 2005)

County Bar Seeks Legislative Ouster of Appeals Court Justice
(Perspectives, July 19, 2005)

County Bar Does Battle With Harry Bridges, Los Angeles Times
(Perspectives, August 2, 2005)

DA Dockweiler Terms Los Angeles Bar Association 'Gutless, Spineless'
(Perspectives, December 18, 2007)

1941 - 1960 TV Courtroom Shows Proliferate in the Late 1950s
(Reminiscing, May 8, 2003)

1961 - 1970 1960s: County Bar Urges Defeat of Judges Yager, Cannon
(Perspectives, July 5, 2005)

  1964: LACBA Censures Two Judges for Seeking DA’s Post Without Resigning 
(Perspectives, August 9, 2005)

1971 - 1980 1970s: LACBA Ends Plebiscites, Stops Endorsing Candidates 
(Perspectives, July 12, 2005)

1976: LACBA Censures Judge Grillo for Abusing Powers
(Perspectives, August 16,2005)

President Jimmy Carter speaks at LACBA's 100th anniversary luncheon
(May 4, 1978)