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Los Angeles Lawyer

The Survival Guide for New Attorneys

Fall 2005
Table of Contents

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Establishing Your Practice


Building a Good Mentoring Relationship
Michael A. Geibelson

Strategies for Going Solo
Derrick Coleman

Benefiting from Lawyer Referral Services
Patricia Holt

Seeding the Clouds for Tomorrow's Rain
David R. Shraga

Working as a Contract Attorney
D'Valarie Travis-Taylor and Beth Palmer

Necessary Elements of Engagement Agreements
Anna Drummond

Arbitration Provisions in Attorney Fee Agreements
Brian Shear

Getting Started on a New Criminal Law Case
Gary D. Olive

Student Loan Consolidation
Jean-Marie Lovett

Professional Skills

Integrating Professional Ethics into a Legal Practice
William K. Mills and David B. Parker

The Essentials of Good Legal Writing
Sue Carol Rokaw

Alternative Dispute Resolution Primer
Karen Smith

How an LL.M. in Taxation Can Enhance Your Career
Jennifer Kowal

Choose Pro Bono Wisely
Nancy A. Kaiser

Be a Dog
Patric M. Verrone

Preparing a Case

Assuming Ownership of Your Cases
David A. Schnider

Choosing Venue in California Courts
Mark E. Millard

Consolidation, Coordination, and MDL
Malini Nangia

How to Succeed with Expert Witnesses
David Nolte

Avoiding the Worst Mistakes of Deponents
Carole Lieberman

The Dangers of the "Usual Stipulation" in Deposition Practice
Steven D. Archer

The Latest in Discovery Technology
Marsha J. Naegeli and Troy S. Moody

Court-Ordered Arbitration
Karen Smith

Appeals and Writs
Wendy Marantz Levine


At the Courthouse


Walking through the Los Angeles Superior Court
Judge Aurelio Muñoz

Pet Peeves from the Bench
Judge Victoria Gerrard Chaney

What to Expect When You Go to Court
Nancy A. Kaiser

Practicing in Federal Court
Judge Margaret M. Morrow

Developing Court Calendaring Skills
Joseph C. Scott

Maintaining Successful Relationships with Courtroom Staff
Maria Perez

Preserving Issues for Appeal
Benjamin G. Shatz


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