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LACBA Delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations
The mission of the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) is to serve justice in California by bringing together attorney volunteers from across the State representing diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise to seek, debate, and promote creative, non-partisan solutions to law-related issues.

Applications to participate as part of the LACBA Delegation to the 2015 Conference of Delegates are being accepted. Please print an application from the link below and mail it or fax it to (213) 833-6717 or scan and email to gdanziger@lacba.org. You must be a current LACBA member to be appointed as a delegate representing this bar association at the Conference, which will be held in October concurrently with the State Bar Annual Meeting. If you have questions about the LACBA Delegation, please contact Grace Danziger at (213) 896-6407 or gdanziger@lacba.org

Top 10 reasons to be a LACBA Delegation member:

1) The people you meet
2) The friends you make
3) The law you learn
4) The law you make
5) The places you go
6) The fun you have
7) The debates you hear
8) The speeches you give
9) The lessons you learn
10) The change you make happen

"I have been a Los Angeles Delegate to the Conference of Delegates for over 30 years. I stay involved because I enjoy the intellectual stimulation in studying and hearing of areas of concern in the profession with which I'm not directly involved as well as the issues I know something about. I enjoy the debate--which at its best can be riveting--at times entertaining and humorous. And most of all I enjoy the people--the lawyers--young and old who come year after year, to listen to one another debating the issues of the day, who enjoy one another." - John Van de Kamp, former District Attorney of Los Angeles and former California Attorney General

Links of Interest

LACBA Resolutions Passed by 2011 Conference of Delegates 

    • 03-08-2011 (Approved in Principle)
    • 10-03-2011 (Approved in Principle)
    • 10-04-2011 (Approved in Principle)
    • 11-05-2011 (Approved in Principle)
    • 11-06-2011 (Approved in Principle)

LACBA amendments and negotiation efforts were instrumental in the approvals as amended of the following resolutions originally submitted by other bar delegations:

    • 06-03-2011 (Approved as Amended)
    • 10-06-2011 (Approved as Amended)
    • 12-01-2011 (Approved as Amended)
    • 12-06-2011 (Approved as Amended)


LACBA Resolutions Passed: 2002 through 2010