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Make sure you properly prepare the proof of claim.
Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3001 sets forth the requirements for preparation of a proof of claim.  A proof of claim must be filed on or substantially conform to Official Form 10.  See Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy Practice in California (2004), §7.35  of Chapter 7 by Timothy J. Yoo. A copy of the form proof of claim maybe download from the Bankruptcy Court Website stated above.  If a claim includes pre-petition interest or other charges such as attorneys fees, the claim must provide a detailed breakdown of the interest and charges.  Id. 

In addition, a summary sheet should be attached to the proof of claim showing how the total amount of a claim was computed.  Id.  If a claim is based on a writing, you must file a copy of the writing as an attachment to your proof of claim.  See Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3001(c); Id. at §7.37.
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