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Where can I find the claims bar date?
If you are already listed as a creditor on the debtor’s schedules, you should have received a notice of the claims bar date, if one was set.  If you did not receive notice of the claims bar date, you can find it on-line using the World Wide Web.  Like other Federal Courts in California and other jurisdictions, the Bankruptcy Court has, among other things, the docket of the main bankruptcy case, the docket of adversary proceeding(s) in that bankruptcy case, and the claims register of a pending bankruptcy case online.  Such information is accessible on the World Wide Web through the Bankruptcy Court “PACER” system. 

The Bankruptcy Court “PACER” system is not free.  You must register with “PACER” and pay for it to access its information.  A “PACER” account with the District Court allows you access to the Bankruptcy Court “PACER” system.  Once you are on the Bankruptcy Court “PACER”, enter the bankruptcy case number to access your case.  You may also try searching for your case by entering, among other things, the debtor’s name.  If you cannot access your case, double check that you are searching for your case in the correct PACER system.  Bankruptcy cases in the Central District may be filed in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, Northern Division or San Fernando Valley, and each of these filing locations have their own respective PACER.

When you have accessed your case, click on the button for “Claims” to access the claims register.  Once the claims register page has appeared, the claims bar date, if any, should be at the top of the page.   The Bankruptcy Court PACER system for the Central District can be accessed through the Central District Bankruptcy Court website at  Among other ways, you may find the “webPACER” option under the “QUICK FIND” menu of the Bankruptcy Court website.