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 Proof Of Claim In A Bankruptcy Case

You probably did not take a bankruptcy course in law school, and you probably thought you would not need to know bankruptcy law in practice.  Well, you’re probably right, and if you did run into a bankruptcy matter, you could and should consult or refer the matter to a bankruptcy attorney.  However, because you may not have the resources, time and/or option to consult with a bankruptcy attorney, are faced with a matter where your client has a claim against a person or entity who has filed for bankruptcy, and wish to file a Proof of Claim as a creditor in the bankruptcy case, this short article will attempt to provide you with the background and foundation in which you may build your knowledge in filing a Proof of Claim.  Because the practice of bankruptcy, like other specializations, is intricate and complex, this short article can and will only provide you with some of the basics in filing your first Proof of Claim.

Top Ten Checklist
arrow.gif Do I have a claim in the bankruptcy case?
arrow.gif What is the deadline to file a proof of claim?
arrow.gif Where can I find the claims bar date?
arrow.gif What if the deadline to file a proof of claim has passed?
arrow.gif Why file a proof of claim?
arrow.gif Should I file a proof of claim?
arrow.gif Make sure you properly prepare the proof of claim.
arrow.gif Where to file a proof of claim?
arrow.gif Who should I serve the proof of claim upon?
arrow.gif Make sure your proof of claim has been correctly filed.


Author:  Kim Tung specializes in bankruptcy matters at Danning, Gill, Diamond & Kollitz, LLP.