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Barristers Tips from Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine

February 2008 View Article PDF
Using a UDRP Action to Prevent Infringing Uses of Domain Names
By Sarah Silbert

January 2008 View Article PDF
Updating Projects to Meet the New California Building Code
By Thomas F. Quilling

December 2007 View Article PDF
Understanding the 90-Day Rule
By Benjamin G. Shatz

November 2007 View Article PDF
The Importance of Evidentiary Rulings in Summary Judgment
By Ugochi L. Anaebere

October 2007 View Article PDF
Default Judgment--Dying without a Will
By Elizabeth A. Nixon

September 2007 View Article PDF
Avoid Being Entangled in Immigration Consultant Fraud
By Alan R. Diamante

July/August 2007 View Article PDF
The Many Benefits of Section 529 Plans for Education Expenses
By Jeffrey A. Field

June 2007 View Article PDF
Building a Successful Mentoring Relationship
By Gavin Hachiya Wasserman

May 2007
View Article PDF
Calculating the Deadline to File a Notice of Appeal in a Federal Civil Case
By Michael H. Dore

April 2007
View Article PDF
Considering a Career Specialization in Intellectual Property Law
By Cynthia A. Casby

March 2007
View Article PDF
Preparing for and Making an Ex Parte Application
By James T. Ryan

February 2007
View Article PDF
How Landlords Benefit from Recent Bankruptcy Amendments

January 2007
View Article PDF
Limiting the Liability of Design Professionals in Public Contracts

December 2006
View Article PDF
Serving the Community as a Volunteer PVP Attorney

November 2006 View Article PDF
Deferred Entry of Judgment for Criminal Defendants
By Robert Soo Song

October 2006 View Article PDF
When a General Counsel Is Your Client
By Laura D. Each

September 2006 View Article PDF
What Liability Awaits Web 2.0?
By David J. Bailey

July-August 2006 View Article PDF
How and Why to Practice Networking
By Gavin Hachiya Wasserman

June 2006 View Article PDF
Exemption Rules under the Bankruptcy Reform Statute
By Robert A. Hessling, Matthew F. Kennedy, and Kim Tung

May 2006 View Article PDF
Authorship Issues in Entertainment Contracts
By Susan Rabin and Christopher Q. Pham

April 2006
View Article PDF
What to Do When Mistakes Happen
By R. Jeffrey Neer

March 2006
View Article PDF
Court Deadlines after a Disaster
By Benjamin G. Shatz and Melissa D. Goetz

February 2006
View Article PDF
Contracts of Adhesion
By Susan Rabin and Christopher Q. Pham

January 2006
View Article PDF
Implied-in-Fact Contracts in the Entertainment Industry
By Glen L. Kulik and Craig S. Berman

December 2005
View Article PDF
Taking Depositions Abroad
By Ako S. Williams

November 2005
View Article PDF
Working with Court-Appointed Attorneys in Probate Matters
By John F.L. Pomeroy

October 2005
View Article PDF
Judges, Justices, Magistrates, and Commissioners
By Benjamin G. Shatz and Judge George P. Schiavelli

September 2005
View Article PDF
Dodging the Pitfalls of Qualifying an Expert
By Wendy L. Wilcox and Christopher J. Weber

July / August 2005
View Article PDF
The Barristers Section Continues Its Years of Service
By Kim Tung

June 2005
View Article PDF
Creating Independent Record Labels for Artists
By Susan Rabin and F. Freddy Sayegh

May 2005
View Article PDF
Entry of Judgment and Section 998 Offers
By Cheryl Johnson-Hartwell

April 2005
;View Article PDF
Invoking the Procedure for Judicial Disqualification
By Gavin Hachiya Wasserman

March 2005
View Article PDF
Evaluating the Retroactive Application of Proposition 64
By Alexander S. Gareeb

February 2005
View Article PDF
The Value of Simplifying Case Presentation
By Jennifer F. Novak

January 2005
View Article PDF
Helping Public Works Contractors Avoid FCA Lawsuits
By Thomas F. Quilling

December 2004
View Article PDF
Appointing a Discovery Referee in California State Court
By Richard Lee

November 2004
View Article PDF
Compelling Arbitrations and Confirming an Arbitration Award
By Wendy L. Wilcox and Thomas H Schelly

October 2004
View Article PDF
Using a Letter of Credit as a Substitute for an Undertaking
By Brian L. Holman

September 2004 View Article PDF
A Full Year of Barristers Opportunities
By Luci-Ellen Chun

July / August 2004 View Article PDF
Filing a Proof of Claim in Bankruptcy
By Kim Tung

June 2004 View Article PDF
Going beyond Traditional Pro Bono
By Rebecca A. Delfino

May 2004 View Article PDF
The Extraordinary Nature of Writ Relief
By Randee Barak

April 2004 View Article PDF
Practical Implications of HIPAA
By Alexander S. Gareeb

March 2004 View Article PDF
Navigating Choice of Law Issues
By Margaret P. Stevens

February 2004 View Article PDF
A New Labor Law Enforcement Measure
By Princeton H. Kim

January 2004 View Article PDF
Life at a Small Law Firm
By Sandeep Baweja

December 2003 View Article PDF
Regulatory Preemption of Medical Devices
By Kevin R. Costello and Christopher Q. Pham

November 2003 View Article PDF
Keeping Track of Trial Deadlines
By Luci-Ellen Chun

October 2003 View Article PDF
TAP Into Trial Experience
By Jacqueline J. Harding

September 2003 View Article PDF
Seventy-Five Years of the Barristers
By Margaret P. Stevens

July/August 2003 View Article PDF
The Complexities of Suing Uncle Sam
By Nicholas W. Gebelt

June 2003 View Article PDF
Applying the Litigation Privilege before Trial
By Wendy L. Wilcox

May 2003 View Article PDF
Practice tips from My Grandmother
By Rebecca A. Delfino

April 2003 View Article PDF
Choosing a Career in Public Service
By Brian Vaughan

March 2003 View Article PDF
Celebrating 75 Years of the Barristers
By Margaret P. Stevens

February 2003 View Article PDF
Estate Planning for Younger Attorneys
By Alexis Martin Neely

January 2003 View Article PDF
Refinancing Your Home Mortgage
By William J. Birney

December 2002 View Article PDF
Using Experts in Patent Litigation
By Paul D. Tripodi II

November 2002 View Article PDF
Making Preparations for Expert Witnesses
By Wendy L. Wilcox

October 2002 View Article PDF
Writing Motions for Summary Judgment
By Rebecca Woodson

September 2002 View Article PDF
The Barristers Section Continues Its Work
By Elizabeth M. Calciano

July/August 2002 View Article PDF
Make the Most of Court-Ordered Arbitration
By Rebecca Delfino

June 2002 View Article PDF
Preparing Yourself for Oral Argument
By Stephen A. McEwen

May 2002 View Article PDF
How to Break Into Show Business Law
By Timothy R. Collins

April 2002 View Article PDF
Impressing a Judge in Federal Court
By Gillian E. Friedman

February 2002 View Article PDF
A Trial Preparation Checklist
By Jennifer F. Novak

January 2002 View Article PDF
How to Buy Your First House
By William J. Birney

December 2001 View Article PDF
Lessons Learned in the Homeless Court
By Robert Klepa and Paul Jr. Freese

November 2001 View Article PDF
All Lawyers Need to Know Insurance Basics
By Christine Y. Le Bel

October 2001 View Article PDF
Taking Your First Deposition
By Margaret P. Stevens

September 2001 View Article PDF
Your Professional Persona Is All Yours
By Gabrielle Harner Brumbach

July/August 2001 View Article PDF
Coping with a Pro Per Litigant
By Lorin D. Snyder

June 2001 View Article PDF
Making Your First Court Appearance
By Wendy Wen Yun Chang

May 2001 View Article PDF
Preparing a Witness for a Deposition
By Jacqueline J. Harding

April 2001View Article PDF
How to Prepare Responses to Complaints
By Jeffrey B. Kahan

March 2001 View Article PDF
Staying Informed Makes Professional Sense
By Justin H. Walcott

February 2001 View Article PDF
New Lawyers and Their Legal Secretaries
By Karina B. Sterman

January 2001 View Article PDF
The Internet and the Practice of Law
By Nana Nakano

December 2000 View Article PDF;
Money Management for Lawyers
By Ronald A. Gold;

November 2000 View Article PDF
No Case Should Go without a Theme
By Gillian Friedman

October 2000 View Article PDF
Making a Case for Small Claims Court
By Robert Klepa

September 2000 View Article PDF
Dealing with Difficult Partners
By Lee Smalley Edmon

July/August 2000 View Article PDF
Procedural Basics for the Online Law Office
By Lorin D. Snyder

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