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Los Angeles Lawyer
The Magazine of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Style Guide

(PDF version)

1. Los Angeles Lawyer does not accept previously published articles.
2. As a condition of publication, all authors must sign a Release Form (attached).

1. Length:
a. Feature articles (CLEs): 3,000 to 5,000 words including endnotes.
b. Departments: 2,500 to 3,500 words including endnotes.
2. Please include a brief (one or two sentence) professional identification.
3. Never leave any citations in the text. All cited material should be placed in sequentially numbered endnotes.

1. Do not write your article in the form of an outline. The article should form a unified, flowing narrative.
2. Subheads should be brief and used sparingly. They are not a replacement for well-crafted transitions and are subject to editing.
3. Avoid the use of first- and second-person narrative. Write only in the third person. CLE articles should never address the readers directly as "you." In appropriate cases, readers may be directly addressed in "how-to" department articles.
4. LAL will edit out all references to "the author," "the author's firm," and "this article" (e.g., "This article will discuss the following points..." or, "The author has found that…").

1. It is rarely necessary for endnotes to exceed 25 percent to 30 percent of the length of the article.
2. Generally, we follow the Harvard Bluebook (17th edition) in matters of format and style. The major differences are:
a. California cases: It is only necessary to cite to the official reports.
b. Out-of-state cases: Indicate the state in parentheses with the year.
c. California state codes: Use the Harvard Bluebook abbreviations for California state codes.
d. All laws and codes: Do not leave a space between the section symbol and section number.

1. All articles must be submitted in electronic form, accompanied by a hard copy (double spaced and printed in 12-point Courier). The documents may be transmitted via e-mail as an attachment (lalawyer@lacba.org) or on computer disk. Hard copies may be faxed to (213) 613-1972.
2. Please provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all authors of the article.
3. After submission, the staff will further edit your article for clarity and length and for conformity to the magazine's style, which is based on The Chicago Manual of Style (text) and the Harvard Bluebook (endnotes). After the article has been edited, you will receive galley proofs to review in order to correct any errors.

Please do not use ANY codes or formatting instructions except the following:
1. Use automatic endnotes. Do not use a tab or indent between the endnote number and the text of the endnote.
2. Use only one tab to mark the beginning of each paragraph. Do not use the space bar in lieu of tabs.
3. Use the "Indent Text" code or device for extended quoted text that is customarily indented. Do not adjust margins to accomplish this.

Authors retain the copyright for articles published in Los Angeles Lawyer. The magazine is copyrighted by the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

(rev. 7/1/07)

(PDF version)

Dear Contributor:

The Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), through Los Angeles Lawyer (LAL), occasionally receives requests for reprints of its articles. Additionally, LAL has the opportunity to make its articles accessible to the legal community through, among other things, commercial online database service providers, as well as other electronic publication and distribution mechanisms. Accordingly, LACBA will make articles appearing in LAL available, with or without charge, on the Internet on its Web site, or through other computer online services or electronic media or other means.

In order that this be carried out with a minimum of administrative effort and delay, LAL requires, as a condition of publication, that authors who submit articles to LAL for publication in the magazine also grant to LACBA the right to reproduce and use the articles in electronic and other forms, including, but not limited to, computer online services, and through other electronic media and distribution mechanisms. LAL therefore requests from authors the following rights in perpetuity for any article submitted to LAL that is published in print form in its magazine: first publication rights; reprint/republication rights; and nonexclusive electronic and other publishing, reproduction, and distribution rights in all media. This will not affect the author's right to the full use of the article elsewhere after publication in LAL.


I grant first publication rights to LACBA for the article identified below that I am submitting for publication in LAL. I also grant permission to LACBA in perpetuity to republish and distribute in all media the article that I am submitting to LAL separate and apart from its publication in LAL magazine.

Further, I grant full and complete, yet nonexclusive, universal publishing rights in all media, including without limitation the right to publish electronically, as well as the right to reproduce and distribute on electronic and other media, whether individually or as a collection, to LACBA for the article I am submitting to LAL that is published in print form in LAL magazine.

Subject of Article:






(rev. 12/17/12)




Copyright  Los Angeles Lawyer magazine. All Rights Reserved.  
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