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Attorney’s BriefCase OnCall


Free access to Attorney’s BriefCase OnCall™ online updating service.
Click on the logo for further information:

The OnCall™  page can be accessed at www.atybriefcase.com or by clicking ot the logo above.
BriefCase OnCall™

As a membership benefit, LACBA Family Law Section members have free access to BriefCase OnCall™, an online updating service from Attorney’s BriefCase® Legal Research Software. OnCall™ provides the following features:

  • Indexed summaries of all cases going back approximately six months relating to California Family Law, Juvenile Law, Evidence and civil Law & Motion practice.
  • Full text of all summarized opinions.
  • Week in Brief: An at-a-glance summary of all new cases by case name and holding in the four practice areas. (Week in Brief is also available by email as described below.)
To access this service:
  1. Click on the BriefCase Logo at the top of this page.
  2. At the BriefCase OnCall page, select Table of Cases and choose any case.
  3. When you get the screen asking for your User Name and Password, click on the button labeled: E-mail my name & password.
  4. Your user name and password will then be emailed to you. Please enter that combination and click the Log In button. (Keep the user name and password information for future access to OnCall.)
  5. If the above steps are unsuccessful, we either don't have your email address or it is different from the one on file with the County Bar. In that case, please call Attorney's Briefcase at (510) 836-2743 (ask for Patty or Robert) and they'll get you up and running.


If you wish to receive the Week in Brief email notification of new cases, email Patty@atybriefcase.com and request it; please include your user name and password with your request.
To use BriefCase OnCall™, do the following:
Obtain your user name and password as described above.
Log onto BriefCase® OnCall™.
Select the topic you want, such as Week in Brief or Family Law.

Select among:


  • Subject Index: For a general list of topics within practice areas, such as Child Support or Community Property. This index leads to summaries of all new cases within particular topics.
  • Table of Cases: For summaries of new cases by name. At each summary, the full text can be viewed by clicking on the case name.
  • Search: To locate new cases by a word search. Here you can use standard Boolean operators (e.g., “support” and “stock” and “options”) to find cases of interest. Remember, you are only searching the cases within BriefCase OnCall™, not all of Attorney’s BriefCase.
  • Full Text: To review the full text of the cases.


When requested, enter your assigned name and password.

For questions regarding the service, either call Patty at (510) 836-2743 or email Robert@atybriefcase.com.