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2016 Southern California Directory
of Experts & Consultants

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Celebrating 25 Years in Print

Experts! Grow your business by registering in the annual Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants, THE most used resource for attorneys to locate qualified experts. The directory contains more than 1,500 listings and display ads in over 500 categories of medical, technical, forensic, scientific and legal expertise. The Directory includes: Experts, Consultants, Trial support, Dispute Resolution Professionals and attorneys who wish to outsource their services.

Since 1991, the Los Angeles County Bar Association has been publishing the Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants. We are one of the largest and most prestigious local bar associations in the country with 24,000 members.

The Directory of Experts & Consultants enjoys the largest distribution of any legal resource in the region. In addition to the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Directory is a benefit of membership to nine other bar associations in Southern California. Distribution is to 24,000 attorneys throughout Southern California and also includes law and public libraries, trial courts, family law courts, legal centers and the media.

It gets into the hands of the people that use it most and because of its long shelf life; it is a trusted resource that attorneys turn to on all year long.

The Directory contains just some of the following sections:

Expert Witnesses and Consultants
If you have technical, medical, forensic or medical expertise or provide legal services and support, YOU ARE WANTED BY THE LAW!

Lawyer -to -Lawyer (L2L) Referrals
Attorneys who hold themselves competent in certain practice areas of law can share expertise with their colleagues. L2L provides an opportunity for networking, partnering, mentoring, and outsourcing services - giving a firm more competency to leverage, and creating new opportunities and value for its clients. This strategic marketing medium is a key ingredient in the firm's Professional Development Plan.

Dispute Resolution Professionals
Participants may register in more than fifty categories of arbitration/mediation, as well as in categories for private judges, settlement officers, and special masters.


With a separate listing on www.expert4law.org you will be part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association's user-friendly expert witness & consultants Web site. Click here to register for the Web site directory.


Download Registration Forms Here:
Expert Witness & Consultants Section
Dispute Resolution Professionals Section
Lawyer to Lawyer Referrals

For further information, please contact the Publications Department:

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