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The Appellate Courts Section provides continuing legal education seminars concerning state and federal appellate practice, strives to improve the administration of appellate justice by working with the appellate courts and serving as a bridge between the bench and the bar, provides a forum for professional networking among members of the appellate bar, and seeks to improve appellate practice by monitoring and evaluating proposals affecting appellate practice and recommending changes to relevant statutes and rules.

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About the Los Angeles County Bar Appellate Courts Section

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Calendar of Events

Meeting Materials

May 19, 2015:
Deciding the Uncertain Case: An Appellate Justice's Toolkit

October 29, 2014:
"The Uses of Amicus Briefing in Reviewing Courts"

Appellate Courts Section Programs—1986-2011

Meeting Minutes and Materials (Members Only)

Justices and Districts Directory

Appellate Primer - a practice guide for the Second District Court of Appeal

2nd District Court of Appeal - Frequently Asked Questions

Appellate Court Experience Program


Appellate Courts Section Roster

Chairs of the Appellate Courts Section

2013 - 2015 Tyna Thall Orren

2011 - 2013

Lisa Jaskol

Chairs of the Appellate Courts Committee

2009 - 2011

Benjamin G. Shatz

2007 - 2009

Thomas N. Charchut

2005 - 2007

Richard H. Nakamura, Jr.

2003 - 2005

Marilyn W. Alper

2001 - 2003

Robin Meadow

1999 - 2001

James C. Martin

1997 - 1999

Rita Gunasekaran

1995 - 1997

David S. Ettinger

1993 - 1995

Pamela E. Dunn

1992 - 1993

Rosalyn S. Zakheim

1990 - 1992

Mark Alan Hart

1988 - 1990

Sharon Baumgold 

1985 - 1988

Kent L. Richland

1984 - 1985

Marc J. Poster

1983 - 1984

Dennis A. Fischer

1982 - 1983

John R. Gorey

1981 - 1982

Edward J. Horowitz

1980 - 1981

Harry Sondheim

1979 - 1980

Arthur E. Schwimmer

1977 - 1979

Russell Iungerich

1976 - 1977

Daniel U. Smith