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About the International Law Section 

The International Law Section provides support and opportunities for its members to develop and expand relationships with international practitioners, the international business community, foreign governments and bar associations. Section activities focus on networking within the international legal community, helping Section members to expand and develop transnational business relationships. The Section frequently welcomes foreign delegations and dignitaries to Los Angeles and maintains strong relationships with the various Consul General residing in the Los Angeles area. The Section serves as a legal referral resource for the international business and legal communities. The Section also provides its membership with up-to-date information in international law, in both the private and public sectors.

Upcoming Events

—Calendar of Events—

Executive Committee Meeting Materials

Proposed Amendment to California International Arbitration Statute

ILS Letter of Support for Amendment

Legislative Proposal

Legislative Resolution

FAQs re Proposed Amendment

Letter Supporting Legislative Proposal

Past Events

LACBA and ICDR Third Annual International Arbitration Conference,
May 9, 2014

LACBA and ICDR_3rd Annual_International_Arbitration_Conference

LACBA and ICDR_3rd Annual_International_Arbitration_Conference

U.S. China Cross-Border Business: Safeguarding Your Investments,
May 2, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 1
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 2
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 3
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 4
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 5
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 6

LACBA New Admittee and New Member Reception, March 27, 2014

Consul General Luncheon with Hungary's Deputy Consul General, March 12, 2014

General Counsel Luncheon, photo 1

General Counsel Luncheon, photo 2

General Counsel Luncheon, photo 3

Legal Ports Conference, Long Beach, CA, September 26, 2013

2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 1 2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 2
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 3 2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 4
2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 5 2013 Legal Ports Conference photo 6

Meeting with USC University of Southern California JD and LLM Students, Los Angeles, October 17, 2013

Students Info Session

Philippine Consul General Luncheon, Los Angeles, CA, December 4, 2013

ILS Philippine Consul General Luncheon

End-of-the-Year Celebration, Los Angeles, December 11, 2013

ILS 2013 Xmas Party-photo 2

ILS 2013 Xmas Party-photo 3

ILS 2013 Xmas Party-photo 4

Qingdao Sister City Association 14th Annual Chinese New Year, Long Beach, February 9, 2014

LACBA International Law Section - Flexible Approaches to Employment Law in the U.S., France, and China

Consul General Riffat Masood of Pakistan Luncheon, Los Angeles, June 13, 2012

Global Trade Conference, Long Beach, May 3, 2012

Meeting with Montreal Bar Association President, Elizabeth Greene - April 6, 2012


Conversation with Cynthia Tai - ICC Prosecutor - December 7, 2011

Lahore High Court Bar Association Meeting, November 28, 2011

Past Chair, Malcolm McNeil, awarded honorary lifetime membership into Pakistan's Lahore High Court Bar Association in recognition of his efforts to help free a group of Pakistani lawyers who were imprisoned for peacefully protesting the removal of a High Court judge who disagreed with then-President Pervez Musharraf. He spearheaded efforts and encouraged other attorneys from the International Association of Young Lawyers ("AIJA") to write and lobby European counsel as to the plight of the imprisoned lawyers, who were eventually freed, and the judge they supported was also reinstated

A Conversation with World Court Judge Joan Dongohue and Members of the Executive Committee, November 2, 2011, Los Angeles

AIJA-LACBA ILS International Trade and Transport Symposium, Long Beach, October 13-15, 2011

Meeting with Shanghai Bar Association to enter into Memoradum of Understanding, September 9, 2011.

Meeting with a Russian Delegation of Attorneys Regarding Social and Labor Rights Protection in the U.S., September 27, 2011.

Section Services 
In order to join a section, you must be a current Los Angeles County Bar Association member. For more information on joining the Los Angeles County Bar Association or joining this section, call our Member Services Department at (213) 896-6560 or fill out this online form.


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Relevant Links for International Law Practice

Referrals to Lawyers in Other Countries
Section members have the opportunity by using the section listserve to obtain recommendations and referrals to foreign lawyers from other section members. If you have not received any e-mails from the listserve, it probably means we do not have your correct e-mail address. More information on the listserve.

Human Rights Watch
Cradle to Coffin: Child Executions In Iran

Past Executive Committee Meeting Materials

Lebanon Consul-General Luncheon October 2012 Report

Canadian Consul-General Luncheon September 2012 Report

2012 Middle East Delegation Report, Feb 24 - March 8, 2012
Joint Delegation -LACBA International Law Section and Arab American Lawyers Association of Southern California

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