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Mission Statement

The Family Law Section is committed to:
  • Educating section members.
  • Drafting amicus briefs and proposing legislation.
  • Encouraging ethical conduct.
  • Developing and improving standards of practice.
  • Encouraging and promoting pro bono opportunities.
  • Providing a forum through which family law practitioners may cooperate with, encourage and assist each other in the resolution of problems and practice issues.
  • Fostering communication between Los Angeles County Bar Association members and other groups.

What We Do

  • Educate attorneys and the public
  • Comment on proposed legislation and promulgate new legislation
  • Work with judicial officers and court staff to improve the administration of justice
  • Support organizations that provide free and low cost legal services
What's New?

- FLEXCOM Court Directory 2015 -

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- Calendar of Events -

October 17, 2015
37th Annual Child Custody Colloquium: Bias, Privilege, and Thorny Ethical Issues for Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals, and Judges

This year the Child Custody Colloquium will focus on bias, privilege, and ethics. Recent case law has brought these issues to the forefront of child custody matters and illustrate these increasing concerns for attorneys, mental health professionals, and judges in the family law arena.

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Past Events

March 14, 2015
100 Days Before Trial

Preparation is everything. The better prepared you are to try your case, the better the result you will achieve for your client, either by trial or by settlement. This program will show you how to organize your case for a settlement conference or trial.

Click here to order the "California Family Law Basics" book that is edited by Betty L. Nordwind of the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law. You can also click here for more information about the Center's publications.

Join the Family Law Section

In order to join a section, you must be a current LACBA member.
If you are already a LACBA member and you want to join the Family Law Section, call our Member Service Department at (213) 896-6560 or fill out this online form.

Please submit comments to: webmaster@lacba.com

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