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The Criminal Justice section focuses on substantive law in the criminal justice area as well as policy questions underlying the criminal justice system.

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Chair Criminal Justice Executive Committee

The Criminal Justice Section of the Los Angeles County Bar is a reflection of the legal community that it serves. We are composed of prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges. Our goals are to balance the scales of the justice, provide educational materials that enrich the practice of law, and create an arena that enhances the career objectives of those we serve in the legal community.

The section provides MCLE lectures and materials on a variety of subjects, including driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, cutting edge topics, such as social media, the internet, and the latest developments pertaining to search and seizure. The section has featured a program on the nuts and bolts of becoming a judge. We also offer professional social mixers to give members an opportunity to network and mingle with other practitioners with similar practice areas and specialties.

The premier event of the Section is the Annual Criminal Justice Awards Dinner. This event recognizes outstanding lawyers and jurist in our practice area. Each year the committee selects the prosecutor, defense lawyer, judge of the year, and career achievement award, from a well vetted list of nominees. These nominees are your colleagues, peers, predecessors, and mentors. Nominations are taking place right now. For nomination criteria, please go to the County Bar website and click under Criminal Justice Dinner Nominations Criteria, or Click www.lacba.org/showpage.cfm?pageid=4508. Do you know of a deserving candidate? Please submit your nominations before December 15, 2014. Include with your nomination, your nominees qualifications along with supporting documentation including articles, trial stats, other awards, tributes, and past honors.

Get involved with the Criminal Justice Section of the Los Angeles County Bar. Keep up with what's happening in your legal community .... Read the "DOCKET" and strive to achieve your highest aspirations.

Your active involvement with the Criminal Justice Section will reward you with many opportunities to meet and interact with other practitioners and jurist in ways that are certain to improve your practice. I am very excited to Chair this year's Committee and look forward to meeting and working with you all. Together, we will achieve excellence in the law.

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For Criminal Justice Members 

In order to join a section you must be a current Los Angeles County Bar Association member. For more information on joining the Los Angeles County Bar Association, call our Member Service Department at (213) 896-6560 or fill out this online form.

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