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The Benefits of Joining the
Los Angeles County Bar Association

When you join the Los Angeles County Bar Association, you’ve accessed a powerful network of attorneys and staff dedicated to helping the legal community meet the challenges of practicing law in the 21st Century and serving the public.

Reasons to join the Los Angeles County Bar Association:

I. Resources For Your Professional Needs
LACBA provides access to information about local judges, updates on the law, and procedural changes in the courts. These are unparalleled resources offered to members.
     For information on eBriefs, click here.
     For information on "Know Your Judges," click here.
     For information on the “Searchable Superior Court Register,” click here.

II. Opportunities to Expand Your Practice
Participation in LACBA activities offers you many opportunities to meet fellow lawyers and corporate counsel and to develop new business relationships. LACBA also offers you opportunities to develop clients through several channels:

For information on our Sections, click here.
For a list of our Committees, click here.
For our Calendar of Events, click here.
For information about Lawyer Referral Services (LRS), click here.
For information about the Center for Civic Mediation, click here.
For information about Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments (ICDA), click here.

III. Increase Your Expertise
LACBA provides opportunities for judges and attorneys to come together at social and educational events as well as participate in the work of our substantive law sections and committees.

IV. Stay Informed
LACBA’s award-winning magazine, Los Angeles Lawyer, provides timely articles and information on substantive areas of law. Also, the monthly County Bar Update provides advanced information about new programs and items of interest. LACBA's website has up-to-date information on everything going on around LACBA. 
      To see a list of LACBA publications, click here.

V. Opportunities for Meaningful Pro Bono Work
Gain valuable experience by volunteering for one of LACBA's pro bono projects. Opportunities range from mediation services to helping victims of domestic violence.  No time commitment is too small, and your help really can make a difference in someone else’s life.
     To learn more about pro bono opportunities, click here.

VI. Help Finding a Job or Changing Careers
LACBA's Career Center is a valuable search and recruitment resource for legal professionals and employers in Los Angeles. The Career Center offers simple and easy-to-use tools to make searching for career opportunities and finding qualified professionals fast, efficient, and successful.
     To go to our Career Resources page, click here.

VII. Save on Business and Personal Expenses
Through the collective buying power of our 24,000+ members, we offer discounted benefits. These savings can more than cover the cost of your Los Angeles County Bar Association membership dues.
     For information on member benefits and discounts, click here.

VIII. LACBA.org is Open 24/7
LACBA is open 24/7 where all of the activities, information and resources can be accessed through our website.

IX. Learn and Grow Through The Barristers
If you have been in practice for 5 years or less and are under 36 years of age, you can become a Barristers Section member. The Barristers are dedicated to helping young lawyers create satisfying careers by offering committees, seminars, and social activities designed specifically for young lawyers.
     To go to the Barristers' home page, click here.

Whether you want to…

  • Access professional resources
  • Protect your professional interests
  • Network with colleagues
  • Broaden your knowledge
  • Expand your practice
  • Improve your community
  • Save money and obtain services
the Los Angeles County Bar Association can meet your needs.

Click HERE to join LACBA today!

The Los Angeles County Bar Association can help.
Contact us at (213) 896-6560
On the web at www.lacba.org