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Foundation Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation has been at the forefront of supporting equal legal services for the poor. Since 1963, the contributions of LACBA members have allowed the Foundation to distribute more than $8 million to worthy legal services organizations in Los Angeles County. Your donations have given a lifeline to more than 100,000 disadvantaged and legally underserved women, men and children throughout Southern California.

Because of the continued cuts to the Los Angeles Superior Court system, it is critically important to help ease the legal logjam by helping clients fill out court paperwork properly to reduce delays in processing and resolving the cases. With fewer staff to help the court process the needed forms, it is even more important than before that trained LACBA volunteers make themselves available to help clients obtain justice in a timely manner. To help address this critical need, the Foundation raises funds for LACBA’s projects and depends on the support and donations from LACBA members. Please make a donation to the Foundation HERE.

LACBA Projects Supported by the Foundation

Giving victims of abuse and their families a chance for a safe life. For 27 years, thousands of people have turned to the Domestic Violence Project (DVP) to access justice. Located inside the Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena courthouses, the DVP provides professional legal assistance to victims of domestic abuse – women, men, children and the elderly. We prepare temporary restraining order requests, and provide preparation for judicial hearings and pro bono attorneys for court representation. LACBA’s DVP is among the best in California at providing pro bono legal services to victims of abuse. For attorneys, the DVP provides pro bono opportunities, CLE seminars and trial opportunities for new lawyers. Attorneys can take part in volunteering time or making a financial donation. For more information about the Domestic Violence Project, please click HERE.

Keeping families together. From its office in the Federal Building, LACBA’s Immigration Legal Assistance Project (ILAP) helps thousands of immigrants. We provide legal assistance to those seeking information on political asylum, green cards, work permits, family petitions, and citizenship, and help students with Dream Act applications. Last year, ILAP assisted more than 9,200 immigrants from all over the world, most of them indigent. It trained 70 attorneys, paralegals and students, held two popular training courses on immigration law fundamentals, and coordinated a volunteer law day that enabled 40 volunteer attorneys to assist more than 200 people. The project is vital to the justice system of Los Angeles. Founded in 1975, many immigration attorneys in private practice in Los Angeles have learned immigration law at the project. In addition to taking advantage of the educational aspects of the project, attorneys can volunteer time and make donations in support of its work. For more information about the Immigration Legal Assistance Project, please click HERE.

Providing a lifeline to dignity and fundamental rights. The AIDS Legal Services Project (ALSP) has coordinated tens of millions of dollars of legal services to thousands of HIV-positive clients over the past 20 years. Today, the project has over 300 attorneys on its pro bono panels and works with another 60 volunteer law students and paralegals. Our mission is to help stop discrimination and protect the rights, benefits and dignity of those living with HIV and AIDS. The project’s attorneys have engaged in litigation for prisoners, filed in state and federal court, on discrimination and privacy cases; have had cases favorably resolved by the Ninth Circuit and the California Court of Appeal; and have appeared before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Appeals Council. As an attorney, your volunteer time and donations make this access to justice possible in Los Angeles. For more information about the AIDS Legal Services Project, please click HERE.

Providing free legal assistance and representation to veterans. LACBA’s Veterans Pro Bono Project supports the training and deployment of pro bono attorneys to assist veterans with family law matters, immigration, and outstanding ticket and warrant resolution. We are currently working with the Family Law Section to recruit attorneys to help with some of the biggest legal hurdles veterans and their families encounter. LACBA and its Armed Forces Committee and The Center for Veterans Advancement at Public Counsel have entered into a partnership to further its commitment to help attorneys help veterans. Attorneys who want to donate their pro bono services can fill out a volunteer application on the LACBA Web site. Financial support of this project’s work can be accomplished by sponsoring the Armed Forces Ball or donating directly to the Foundation at For more information about the Veterans Pro Bono Project, please click HERE.

Creating common ground. The Center for Civic Mediation was established in 1978 as the Neighborhood Justice Center, one of three community mediation centers in a national pilot sponsored by the Department of Justice. As a project of LACBA, it promotes a more harmonious and civil community throughout Los Angeles by teaching, inspiring and helping elementary and high school students, and adults find peaceful resolutions to personal, school, organizational and community conflict. Through the tireless efforts of its volunteers and generous support of foundations, philanthropists and other private donors, the Center has been on the forefront of school and community-based conflict resolution programs. Donations to the Center allow funding for school-based conflict resolution programs that have made a remarkably positive impact on suspensions, academic performance and safe campus environments. For more information about the Center for Civic Mediation, please click HERE.

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