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A Message from 2013-14 Los Angeles County Bar Foundation President Laura A. Seigle

The Los Angeles County Bar Foundation is YOUR Foundation. It is the non-profit arm of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) that supports pro bono legal service projects in our community. We raise money to give grants to select legal service organizations in Los Angeles that provide free or low-cost help to those who cannot afford an attorney or do not know where to turn for legal assistance. The majority of our funds go to support LACBA public service projects—AIDS Legal Services ProjectDomestic Violence ProjectImmigration Legal Assistance ProjectVeterans Pro Bono Project, and the Center for Civic Mediation. Together, these projects provided more than $3.6 million in pro bono services to over 20,000 people in 2012—all in your name.

As we all know, sometimes individuals absolutely need a lawyer and should not be denied effective legal assistance just because they cannot afford it. The programs you support through the Foundation ensure that each person has an opportunity to be heard.

This upcoming year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, and next June we will hold our 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, which is sure to be another sell-out and great fun. (Take a look at the 2013 tournament here.)

You will be hearing from us throughout the year as we share personal stories about the people you help with your donations. Their success is your success, and their stories create your legacy. Your investment in the Foundation is an investment in their lives.

So, to those of you who already donate to the Foundation, thank you. Your generosity is making a difference. To those of you who have yet to join us, I encourage you to donate and join us in changing lives. The Foundation is proud to represent you in making our community stronger for all.

Laura A. Seigle
2013-14 Foundation President 


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