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August 2013  •  Vol. 33 No. 8 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association



  Domestic Violence Project: September 10 Volunteer Training
  Immigration Law Training Course: September 26-27
  California Family Law Basics: Step-by-Step Guide
  Ethically Navigating Withdrawal from Litigation
  Where Do You Begin Your Negotiation?
  Good Client Communication Goal: No Surprises
  Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy
  Member Perk: Personal Insurance Plans
Domestic Violence Project Volunteer Training Set for September 10 with Guest Speaker Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney  
Join LACBA's Domestic Violence Project for its upcoming volunteer training on September 10. Volunteers provide a valuable service to a vulnerable population and gain expertise in the area of family law. Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey will be the guest speaker at the training.   (more)  

Immigration Law Training Course Takes Place September 26-27
LACBA's Immigration Legal Assistance Project offers its two-day training course--designed for attorneys who are new to the field of immigration law or who have been practicing in the field for less than one year--on September 26 and 27. The training will focus on immigration legal concepts, procedures, and practical aspects, as well as USCIS and Immigration Court policies in the Los Angeles District Office.   (more)  

California Family Law Basics: Updated Edition Now Available 
California Family Law Basics, a step-by-step guide for family lawyers, general practice lawyers, and paralegals, is now available for purchase from the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law. This essential 1,300-page, 25-chapter book contains sample filled-out forms, line-by-line instructions, time-saving practice tips and checklists, plus effective strategies and methods to avoid pitfalls and successfully resolve cases.   (more)  

Tips for Ethically Navigating Withdrawal from Litigation 
Withdrawal from representation of a client, if not done properly, could lead to unintended and unfortunate results, including State Bar disciplinary action or malpractice claims. Withdrawal implicates a number of ethical duties, some of which are not so obvious. Keeping these duties in mind can assist in smooth sailing through the withdrawal process.   (more)  

Where Do You Begin Your Negotiation? 
It is often difficult to determine where to start your negotiation so as to have enough room to negotiate as well as to engage your counterpart. A typical comment in the give and take of mediation/negotiation is usually something like, "I don't want to insult them and have them walk out!" Most books on negotiation recommend that you do not go into the negotiation blind. Here's how to make sure you have information at your disposal that will help you evaluate your negotiation plan.   (more)  

Setting a Goal of "No Surprises" with Good Client Communication
In the course of every representation lawyers should keep in mind the mantra "No Surprises." Attorney/client relationships have been irrevocably broken, and significant malpractice claims have ensued, because clients had been kept in the dark. Not only is good communication a best practice for risk management purposes, it is also a topic addressed by the California Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorneys who do not adequately communicate are potentially subject to discipline from the State Bar. Consider the following three best practices.   (more)  

The Opportunity for Firms, Librarians, and Knowledge Management: Implementing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy
Librarians can play a key role in helping their firms and organizations effectively use knowledge management to create greater efficiency and deliver greater value to clients. Knowledge management can help firms by leveraging existing work product and providing an additional source of pertinent information. In discussions with librarians across the country, Thomson Reuters gathered its best thinking on why librarians are uniquely positioned to help firms get the most out of their knowledge management systems to improve efficiency, create quality work product, and deliver value through knowledge management.   (more)  

Major Medical, Accident and Disability, Term Life Insurance Plans 
Insurance Specialists, Inc. is the preferred provider of major medical, accident and disability, and term life insurance plans to LACBA members. For over 50 years, ISI has administered insurance programs for the memberships of professional associations as a third-party administrator. ISI offers plans underwritten by top-rated carriers that are selected for quality benefits and ease of application at competitive prices.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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August 15
Business and Estate Planning with Partnerships and LLCs 
This course will provide an overview of the tax and legal structure of partnerships and LLCs, advantages and disadvantages compared to C and S corporations, the structure and tax aspects of life-insurance-funded buy-sell plans, and the use of FLPs and LLCs as estate planning vehicles in conjunction with the use of life insurance. 

August 15
ELIPS Summer Mixer 

Come join us for cocktails and appetizers in the beautiful outdoor courtyard of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as we kick off the 2013-14 ELIPS term on a nice summer evening with old friends and new.  

Begins September 10
Introductory TAP (i-TAP) 

This six-evening course provides introductory trial advocacy instruction, emphasizing participant mock trial performance and constructive feedback. 

September 11
Cross-Border Discovery: Issues in and Tips for Discovery in International Antitrust Cases  

One aspect that can be particularly complicated in international antitrust cases is discovery. Panelists will discuss issues in these cases, both in the antitrust context and in general. They will also describe the basic U.S. legal framework governing requests for discovery from a foreign entity and defending against such requests. 

Begins September 18
Traditional TAP (t-TAP)  

Course outline includes case preparation, search and seizure, pretrial motions, diagrams, exhibits, voir dire, opening statements, closing arguments, direct and cross exam, expert witnesses, discovery, ethics, jury instructions, and witness interviews.

September 26
2013 Legal Ports Conference  

Panelists will discuss the current legal and business developments in global trade that are impacting Southern California businesses today.

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