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LACBA Mourns the Loss of Sam Lipsman, Director of Publications, and Editor and Publisher of Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine

Samuel L. Lipsman, Director of Publications, and editor and publisher of LACBA’s award-winning Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, passed away on June 13, 2013, after a seven-month battle with cancer. Sam was born on May 3, 1949, in Davenport, Iowa.
To say Sam was brilliant is an understatement. He received a National Merit Scholarship to Princeton, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology, and later attended graduate studies at Yale University. He called himself an ABD–all but dissertation. As a graduate student at Yale, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to study in West Berlin and became the first Fulbright allowed to do research in East Berlin.
Although Sam decided not to become a professor, he did love to lecture and was knowledgeable on a wide range of topics from baseball (White Sox especially), football (the Bears), and history, to the law, economics, politics, and just about anything else.
Sam had a very distinguished career as a writer and editor for several leading publications, including the Time-Life series on Vietnam. After that project was completed, he relocated to Southern California, where he worked with other publications and eventually became the publisher and editor of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, a position he held until his death.
Sam will be remembered for his wit, his caring nature, and his love for family and friends.
He was buried in the Tri-City Jewish Cemetery in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Tri-City Jewish Center (Congregation Beth Israel) in Rock Island, Illinois, or the charity of your choice.

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