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Volume 8, Number 5 • June 2013 • Archive of Past Issues
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Commr. David J. Cowan, Los Angeles Superior Court
Hon. Reva G. Goetz, Los Angeles Superior Court, Central District
Hon. Marvin M. Lager, Los Angeles Superior Court
Hon. Daniel S. Murphy, Los Angeles Superior Court
Hon. Roy L. Paul, Los Angeles Superior Court
Hon. James A. Steele, Los Angeles Superior Court

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Recent Cases

Government Code Sec. 7510(b)(1)--which prescribes the method for determining the assessed value of a private lessee's leasehold interest in real property owned by a state public retirement system, when the lessee has leased only a portion of the property--is facially unconstitutional insofar as it bases a lessee's assessment on the lessee's allocable share of the full cash value of the property, based on the lessee's percentage of the total leasable square feet of the property. The exempt remainder or reversionary interest, belonging to the public retirement system owner, is included in the assessment of the lessee's possessory interest, the statute violates the prohibition against assessing property taxes on publicly owned real property, as well as the prohibition on assessing property in excess of its fair market value.
California State Teachers' Retirement System v. County of Los Angeles
filed May 7, 2013, Second District, Div. Three
Cite as B225245
Full text

Trusts and Estates
Probate court erred in admitting will to probate on the basis of the Probate Code Sec. 6110(c)(1) presumption of due execution where there was no evidence of the genuineness of one of the subscribing witness signatures. No reasonable trier of fact could have admitted will to probate on the basis of clear and convincing evidence of testamentary intent, pursuant to Sec. 6110(c)(2), where there was no evidence as to why the 34-year-old putative testator executed the will and no identification of the person who advised the testator how to prepare it or other evidence of the circumstances of its drafting or execution; and the will was found in the possession of testator’s father, who was a subscribing witness, had a strong motive to have the will admitted to probate, and was known to have forged the testator’s signature on other documents.
 Estate of Ben-Ali
filed May 29, 2013, First District, Div. One
Cite as A132979
Full text 



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