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Domestic Violence Project

Giving victims of abuse and their families a chance for a safe life. Prepares Temporary Restraining Order requests, provides preparation for judicial hearings and pro bono attorneys for court representation. Read more...

Immigration Legal Assistance Project

Keeping families together. Provides legal assistance to those seeking information on political asylum, green cards, work permits, family petitions, citizenship, and helps students with Dream Act applications. Read more...

AIDS Legal Services Project

Providing a lifeline to dignity and fundamental rights. Helps stop discrimination and protects the rights, benefits, and dignity of those living with HIV and AIDS. Read more...

LACBA Veterans Project

Provides pro bono legal services at Patriotic Hall in downtown Los Angeles to assist Veterans in removing legal barriers to employment by focusing on three areas: Misdemeanor Expungements; Self Help Clearing Tickets and Warrants and Reinstating California Driver License. Read more...

Center for Civic Mediation

Creating common ground. Promotes a more harmonious and civil community throughout Los Angeles by teaching, inspiring and helping elementary and high school students, and adults find peaceful resolutions to personal, school, organizational and community conflict. Read more...

Counsel for Justice Endowment Fund

Contribute to one of our established Endowment Memorial and Tribute Funds honoring outstanding leaders in the legal profession.


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