April 2013 • Vol. 33 No. 4 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA Board Rallies to Help Domestic Violence Project  

When LACBA President Dick Burdge heard of the urgent need for an administrative assistant to help LACBA’s Domestic Violence Project (DVP) assist an unprecedented number of clients seeking temporary restraining orders, he immediately challenged the Board of Trustees to raise at least $10,000 to fund the position within a very tight deadline—just 30 days. Not only did the trustees raise the much-needed funds, they surpassed their goal in only three weeks.

President Burdge took this pressing need to the board when DVP Directing Attorney Debbie Kelly alerted LACBA about the overwhelming increase in the number of clients seeking restraining orders. Handling this increase without additional staff has left less time for completing other necessary administrative tasks.

Now the DVP staff and volunteers will be able to redirect their efforts to help victims of abuse obtain a chance for a safer life, thanks to the generosity and support of the trustees.

The project extends its heartfelt appreciation to the following people who generously donated to this important campaign (as of date of publication):

Pardis P. Ashouri
Ann Marie Bedtke
Roberta Bennett
Steven and Maryanne Bracci
W. Clark Brown
Hon. Daniel Buckley
Richard J. Burdge Jr.
Hon. Patrick Cathcart
Donna Chaney and Martha Gonzales
Brian K. Condon
Duncan and John Crabtree-Ireland
Brian Currey
Linda L. Curtis
Jeffery Daar
Howard Fredman
T.E. Glenn
Brian Thomas Glennon
Richard and Christine Goetz
Christine C. Goodman
Hon. Scott Gordon
Jacqueline J. Harding
Angela S. Haskins
Harumi Hata
Evan A. Jenness
Sajan Kashyap
Paul R. Kiesel
Mark A. Kressel
Michael K. Lindsey
Angela Machala
Edith Matthai
Hon. Margaret Morrow
Devon A. Myers
Beverly O'Connell
Juan A. Ramos
Deborah C. Saxe
Suzanne and John Segal
Alan Steinbrecher
Margaret P. Stevens
Sally Suchil
Bruce Ira Sultan
Jeff Westerman
Steven K. Yoda
Kalman Zempleny

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