Making Contributions; Tributes and Bequests

Making a Tax Deductible Contribution to the LACBA Counsel for Justice
Contributions can be made to the Counsel for Justice online by clicking DONATE NOW or mailing a check payable to:

Los Angeles County Bar Counsel for Justice (CFJ)
P.O. Box 55020
Los Angeles, CA 90055-2020

If you have any questions, please contact the Counsel for Justice at (213) 896-6409 or

Contributions are raised the following ways:

Direct Solicitation
Law firms, corporations, individuals and foundations are contacted by the Counsel for Justice's Directors to solicit their annual support. The active leaders in the legal community use this method to show support of the legal services programs funded by the Counsel for Justice.

Honor Roll Program
This special category recognizes individuals who have made a major commitment to the Counsel for Justice by contributing or pledging to contribute amounts as indicated below:

Founder $50,000 or more
Benefactor $25,000-$49,999
Patron $15,000-$24,999
Sponsor $10,000-$14,999
Friend $5,000-$ 9,999

There are three methods of obtaining Honor Roll Recognition:
1) a lump sum payment, 2) a pledge of one of the above amounts, to be paid off at a minimum of $1,000 per year, 3) accumulation of prior donations.

A Life Fellow is an individual who contributes an aggregate of at least $2,500 to the Counsel for Justice. This can be a lump sum contribution or a pledge to contribute a minimum of $500 per year until the $2,500 pledge is fulfilled.

A Barristers Fellow is an attorney age 36 or less or who has been in practice for 5 years or less who, while a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Barristers, contributes $500 over a five-year term or in a lump sum.

Tributes and Bequests
Individuals, law firms and other organizations use this means to honor the memory or current activities of business associates or members, friends and family members.

A memorial gift to the Counsel for Justice is a highly appropriate method of acknowledging a lifetime of service to the legal profession and perpetuating the memory of a departed colleague or admired leader of the Bar. Such a tribute assures a continuance of the honoree's influence upon the profession and the community.

Current Memorial and Tribute Endowment Funds (Additional contributions to these funds may be made at any time):

Tribute Funds
Roy H. Aaron Endowment
Donald P. Baker Endowment
John H. Brinsley Endowment

Memorial Funds
Don Mike Anthony Memorial Endowment
Joseph A. Ball Memorial Endowment
Charles R. English Memorial Endowment
Roderick W. Leonard Memorial Endowment
R. Gerald Markle Memorial Endowment
Joseph Taback Memorial Endowment
Vincent M. Townsend Memorial Endowment

The Counsel for Justice may also be an appropriate charitable choice for members of an attorney's family. Requests for suggestions by estate planning attorneys regarding possible charitable beneficiaries might well include mention of the Counsel for Justice as a highly suitable option. Attorneys may also wish to include a gift to the Counsel for Justice in their own estate planning as a last, and continuing, contribution to the profession and the community.

Information on making provision in a will for gifts and bequests to the Counsel for Justice may be obtained by contacting the Counsel for Justice office at (213) 896-6409.


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