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November 2012  •  Vol. 32 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association


  Dialogues on Freedom High School Discussions: Recap
  Ethics: How Limited Is Your Limited Scope Representation?
  Negotiation Tips: Aim for the Most Simple Solution
  Check Out This Month's Bargains
  Member Benefit: Wealth Consulting Group
  Member Benefit: Thomson Reuters
  Member Benefit: Mercury Insurance
  Member Benefit: RxSavings Plus
  Member Benefit: Verizon Wireless
Judges and Attorneys Visit L.A. County High Schools during LACBA's 11th Annual Dialogues on Freedom 
Students at 20 public high schools throughout Southern California participated in a lively debate about the balance between personal freedom and security with nearly 100 judges and lawyers as part of the 11th annual Dialogues on Freedom on October 10 and 11, 2012.     (more)  
How Limited Is Your Limited Scope Representation? 
Whether for reasons of economy, necessity, strategy, or practicality, almost every attorney will, at some point, limit the scope of his or her representation of a particular client matter. In our current legal environment, due to increasing technical advances, practice and industry specialization, economic mandate, and/or client request, the demand or need to limit the scope of one's representation is becoming increasingly common and, in some instances, may be required. It can be a source of unwelcome surprise to the attorney in an after-the-fact dispute that the law may well find the scope of legal services to be determined by factors beyond what the attorney thought was the initial intention of the parties.   (more)  

Aim for the Most Simple Solution 
People aim for the simplest, most natural way to answer life's questions and will do so in a negotiation as well. The simplest, most natural solution is also referred to as the most prominent solution. Knowing some of the most natural and prominent solutions that people gravitate toward will help you foretell where the other side is going and prepare to use it to your benefit. If you know which choice they are most likely to make, you can set up the choices to increase the odds they will choose the one you want.     (more)  

Receive $50 Off All Tuxedo Rentals for November 17 Armed Forces Ball  
The Men's Wearhouse is proud to offer $50 off all tuxedo rentals for the Armed Forces Ball on November 17, 2012. Simply reference group # 4244903 when ordering your tuxedo in any local store for your savings. Please order by November 10 to avoid paying a $20 rush fee.   (more)  

Win Up to $10,000 in the FedEx Advantage Sweepstakes 
LACBA members could win $10,000 when applying for the FedEx Advantage discount program.1 Our relationship with FedEx gives you a shot at energizing your business with hundreds of prizes. You’ll be automatically entered in the sweepstakes and eligible to play the game when you submit your enrollment application for the FedEx Advantage discount program. Use passcode GP8G4W. Make eligible shipments with FedEx through November 7, 2012, and you could win multiple ways and multiple times.2 As a LACBA member, you’ll also save up to 26% on FedEx services during the sweepstakes and beyond. Terms and Conditions: 1NO PURCHASE OR ENROLLMENT NECESSARY. Promotion ends November 8, 2012. To enter without applying for the FedEx Advantage discount program and for complete details, see Official Rules. 2Limit one (1) instant win reward card per participant per day. Limit one (1) sweepstakes prize per participant.   (more)  

Wealth Consulting Group Los Angeles  
Wealth Consulting Group Los Angeles has established strategic alliances with banks, law firms, and accounting firms to give you access to a full range of financial services. WCGLA offers LACBA members discounts including up to 25% on individual and multi-life disability income insurance; up to 35% on multi-life long term care insurance (offer extends to direct family members); up to 20% on fee-based investment management; up to 20% on most qualified plan fees (including 401Ks); additional discounts on fee-based financial planning.   (more)  

Thomson Reuters  
Judicial Council Forms: LACBA members can receive 50% off the retail price of official Judicial Council and county forms. Jury Verdicts: LACBA has entered into an alliance agreement with West, a Thomson Reuters business, to provide award information on California civil jury trials, bench trials, settlements, and arbitrations. LACBA members can publish their verdicts, bench decisions, settlements, and arbitrations in Trials Digest and Westlaw for free. They can also request a full case summary for any case West highlights or features (one free per month).   (more)    

Mercury Insurance: Auto and Home Owner  
Mercury Insurance offers LACBA members up to a 10% rate discount on top of Mercury’s already low auto insurance rates, and up to 15% when you combine your auto policy with your homeowner policy. 24-hour roadside assistance included. Discounts on good driver, good student, multicar, auto+home, repairs guaranteed for life when completed by Mercury-authorized repair facilities as long as you own the vehicle. 24/7 claims reporting, online repair tracking.   (more)  

National Discount Prescription Drug Program  
LACBA, in conjunction with CVS-CareMark, announces our exclusive LACBA RxSavingsPlus Discount Card. All of your family members and employees can use the card, even if they already have insurance. Average savings is 22% per prescription filled; 10% off at a CVS Minute Clinic on regular priced health services. Save on thousands of medications—even pet medications.   (more)  

Verizon Wireless 
LACBA members with Verizon Wireless calling plans of $34.99 or higher may qualify for the following discounts: 22% discount on law firm/corporate wireless monthly access fees (5 wireless lines required to qualify, one line must be the law firm/corporate line, others may be employees/family; law firm/corporate line receives 22% discount, federal tax ID required).   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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November 2
11th Annual Environmental Law Symposium  
This year's theme is "Business in a Regulated World: Balancing Environmental Law and Economic Development," with keynote address by John Dunlap III, The Dunlap Group; former chair, California Air Resources Board; and former chief deputy director, DTSC. 

November 3
ICDA Winter Seminar 2012 

Topics cover judicial decision making, flaws in the criminal system, origins of criminal procedures, sex crimes, and jurors in their native habitat. 

Begins November 7
Traditional TAP (t-TAP): A Trial Advocacy Course  

This course provides intensive instruction in trial advocacy skills, emphasizing participant performance and constructive feedback. Topics include case preparation, search and seizure, pretrial motions, diagrams, exhibits, voir dire, opening statements, closing arguments, direct and cross exam, expert witnesses, discovery, ethics, jury instructions, and witness interviews. 

November 8
2012 Complex Court Symposium 

Join us for this unique opportunity to hear how the judges approach their cases, providing insight into all aspects of complex court litigation, including philosophy and procedures for case control, class certification, JCC proceedings, discovery, attaining and approving settlements, and conduct at trial. 

November 8
Absolute Priority Rule for Individual Chapter 11 Cases  

A distinguished panel of four Central District bankruptcy judges and two highly regarded Chapter 11 bankruptcy practitioners discuss and debate the current hot topic in bankruptcy law of whether the 2005 Bankruptcy Act abolished the absolute priority rule for individuals in Chapter 11 cases. 

November 12
TAP: Deposition Skills Workshop   

This workshop will provide introductory and intermediate level instruction on how to take and defend depositions in California state court actions, including rules, how to pin down the deponent, how to defend a deposition, the use of deposition testimony in trial, and developing a deposition strategy. 

November 12
TAP: Witness Examination Skills Workshop   

This course provides introductory and advanced level instruction on how to examine a witness under oath, including a formula for direct examination, how to lay the foundation for demonstrative evidence, how to create a strategy for cross examination, how to control the witness, and how to employ advanced techniques such as leading by prior question and anticipatory rebuttal. 

November 13
Underwriting Construction Loans: Title Insurance in the Age of Economic Uncertainty  

Underwriting procedures for construction loans or in situations where there may be a loss of priority have been greatly restricted throughout the title industry. Now more than ever, there is greater scrutiny requiring more lead time and information before coverage may issue. In some instances, coverage may not be available as before. Title insurers are no longer relying solely on indemnities when insuring construction loan transactions. Be prepared for what to expect when lenders start funding new projects again. 

November 13
7th Annual Robert I. Weil Lecture   

This year's theme, "The Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics of Decision-Making: Implications for Mediation," will focus on imbedded processes that affect how decisions are made and practical implications for lawyers and mediators. 

2012 CEQA Update 

Ethics: Top Considerations for Real Estate Lawyers in 2012 

LIBOR and the LIBOR Scandal: What It Is, What It Isn't, and What It May Mean for the Real Estate Practitioner 

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