August 2012 • Vol. 32 No. 7 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Approved Bylaws Amendments Include Revisions to Qualifications for Becoming an Affiliated Bar

Satisfying the requirements to qualify as an affiliate will become easier.

Proposed amendments to LACBA's bylaws were approved unanimously at a special membership meeting held on June 27, 2012.

The amended bylaws will, among other things:

  • Make it easier for bar associations to satisfy the requirements to become affiliated with LACBA and thus to qualify as affiliates.
  • Make it more efficient for LACBA staff to monitor affiliates’ compliance with the affiliation requirements.
  • Equalize among at-large, section, and affiliate categories the numbers of members of the LACBA Board of Trustees (Board) and of the Nominating Committee for the Board.
  • Standardize the nominating committee process and criteria for LACBA members being considered for positions on the Board.
  • Provide that all notices to members may be given, and balloted voting of members may be conducted, by regular mail or by electronic means.

The Affiliates Committee—a special committee appointed to review LACBA's current relationship with its affiliated bar associations—recommended the adoption of these amendments. The Board approved the amendments by a required super-majority vote and recommended their approval by the membership at a meeting of the members.

To view a clean copy showing the entire text of the bylaws containing the recently approved amendments, click here. To view a "redline" copy highlighting the amendments, click here.

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