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State Bar of California MCLE Audit Alert

The State Bar of California has commenced auditing lawyers' MCLE compliance. In 2012, the goal is to audit 5%, or approximately 3,000-4,000 lawyers, and in 2013, 10%, or 7000-8000 lawyers. Letters requesting proof of compliance for 2012 will be mailed in June. Read the letter from State Bar President Jon Streeter here.

LACBA can help its members meet the requirements with several options for high-quality, low-cost CLE programming available in most substantive practice areas:

  • CLE in-a-Box. LACBA's 2012 CLE in-a-Box is approved for use through 2013 to meet your compliance deadline of February 1, 2013. Whether you extended your 2012 deadline or just want to get an early start on next year's compliance requirement, you can meet all of your mandatory CLE requirements with this 25-hour audio CLE program, which includes materials, self-study and participatory credit, and the special requirements in prevention of substance abuse, elimination of bias, and ethics. Free shipping available. Also available On-Demand.
  • Live Programs. Check our easy-to-read calendar for upcoming programs, which can be searched by date, name, area of law, and program sponsor.
  • Online CLE Catalog. Search LACBA’s online CLE catalog to find hundreds of programs available in a variety of formats, including on-demand audio and video, audio CD, and CD/DVD video.
  • Self-Study Articles and CLE Tests. Los Angeles Lawyer magazine offers self-study tests for one hour of CLE credit (available in the magazine or online).

Letter from State Bar President Jon Streeter:

State Bar MCLE Audit Alert from President Jon Streeter

To:  Presidents, California Local Bar Associations
Cc:  Executive Directors, California Local Bar Associations
From:  Jon Streeter, President, The State Bar of California

I am writing to alert you that the State Bar is taking a more aggressive approach to auditing MCLE compliance than it has historically. All California lawyers need to be aware of this change in the Bar’s MCLE auditing process.

The result of the State Bar’s recent 2011 MCLE audit of one percent or 635 lawyers has confirmed the need for increased auditing. Of the 635 audited attorneys, 539 provided the necessary documentation showing full compliance. Of the remaining 96 attorneys, five have been suspended due to their inability to show any compliance. Most of the remaining 91 attorneys had minor reporting deficiencies and received a cautionary letter from our MCLE compliance group about future compliance. Approximately 25 of the 91 are being referred to the Office of Chief Trial Counsel for disciplinary action. Using simple math, we see that 15% of this reporting group were not in compliance.

This result is troubling and reaffirms the action being taken by the State Bar. In 2012, California attorneys can expect five percent or roughly 3,000-4,000 lawyers to be audited. In 2013, the goal is to audit 10%, which translates to 7,000-8,000 lawyers. Letters requesting proof of compliance for 2012 will be mailed in June.

The message is clear. California lawyers must fulfill and accurately document and report their MCLE requirements. No California attorney should be surprised if their compliance certificate is audited. For more information regarding MCLE requirements and reporting, visit the State Bar’s MCLE web page.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Carol Madeja, managing director of Bar Relations Outreach, at

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