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April 2012  •  Vol. 32 No. 4 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association


Please join us on May 11, 2012, at a noon luncheon honoring
Chief Judge Audrey B. Collins,
U.S. District Court, Central District of California, 
for her many contributions and accomplishments.   (more) 


  April 17: Center for Civic Mediation Annual Awards Dinner
  Buchalter Nemer Commitment Augments DVP Services
  Free Noon Webinar on Ethical Marketing and Client Relations
  Food from the Bar Needs Your Help: Drive Begins April 30
  Work Smart with Free Updated Judicial Council Smart Forms
  Apply Now for Membership on 2012-13 LACBA Committees
  LACBA Elections: Nominating Committee Reviews Declarations
  Legal Musicians and Audiences Wanted
  Written Disclosure Requirements: More Than a Technicality
  How to Offset the "First Offer" Anchoring Effect
  Check Out This Month's Bargains
  Member Benefit: Exclusive Professional Liability Program
  Member Benefit: Litigation Support Services
Center for Civic Mediation to Celebrate 19th Annual Awards Dinner on April 17 
The Center for Civic Mediation will celebrate outstanding achievement in conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution at its 19th Annual Awards Dinner on April 17, 2012, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The 2012 honorees are the National Football League, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl, and the California Western Advanced Mediation Program in Juvenile Hall.   (more)  

Victim Compensation Claim and Application Assistance Now Offered at LACBA's Domestic Violence Project, Thanks to Support from Buchalter Nemer 
The Buchalter Nemer Victim Compensation Claim and Application Assistance Fund officially debuts this month as a new service provided through LACBA's Domestic Violence Project. Funded by a generous $25,000 grant from Buchalter Nemer, the assistance program was established to help domestic violence victims apply to the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP), which can provide them with financial independence needed to break away from their abuser. In addition, attorneys from Buchalter Nemer will provide pro bono service and meet with abuse victims at the project to help them navigate through the complicated application process.   (more)  

April 10: Free Noon Webinar on Ethical Marketing and Client Relations 
Good marketing and client relations efforts are both practical and ethical. The right message can bring in new clients and motivate current clients to return with more business. The wrong message can spur the loss of a client and potentially cause you to face disciplinary proceedings. Join our Webinar and find out tips, best practices, and practical solutions on topics including model rules that apply to marketing, the importance of good client relations, marketing solutions, and how staff can assist in providing good client relations.   (more)  

Food from the Bar Needs Your Help 
Join the Los Angeles legal community in supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s Food from the Bar drive from April 30 to May 25, 2012, by donating canned food or money to fight hunger. As a cosponsor of the drive, LACBA urges you to help to meet the needs of more than 1 million people in Los Angeles County who turn to food programs for their meals each year. Last year, more than 62 organizations from the Los Angeles legal community participated, enabling the Food Bank to distribute more than 60 million pounds of food to families, children, and seniors in need. No matter the size—from large financial donations to successful office food drives—every contribution counts. Let's increase those numbers this year!   (more)  

Work Smart with Updated Judicial Council Smart Forms at 
What would you do if you needed a Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order? What if you had to obtain an Order Appointing Counsel for a Child? Where in the World Wide Web can you find these forms and just about any other form you might possibly need? And if you did find them, how much would they cost? At, LACBA members will discover nearly 200 new or revised LexisNexis Smart Forms updated in February 2012. In fact, twice yearly, LACBA's Web Services Department works with LexisNexis to ensure that members have access to updated Judicial Council forms in 40 subject areas, from adoption to workplace violence. Within each of these areas are several forms to download and use. And, no, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. They’re FREE for LACBA members!   (more)  

Play a Leading Role in the Legal Community: Participate on LACBA Committees 
Whether the issue affects the law, the profession, the justice system, or society, LACBA committees have earned a respected reputation for playing a leading role in the study and analysis of these matters and in establishing the voice of the legal profession by providing guidance and commentary to appropriate entities. Among other things, committees produce and publish judicial evaluations to assist the public in electing competent judicial officers, interview judges and write profiles, draft and research opinions on attorney ethics, and make recommendations as to whether LACBA should join cases as amicus curiae. Committees also provide members with opportunities to work with judges and other attorneys in specific or diverse areas. Applications for committee membership in 2012-13 are due by April 30.   (more)  

Nominating Committee Reviews Declarations 
The Nominating Committee has begun its work to nominate one or more LACBA members for each trustee position to be filled in the June election. It also will nominate one or more current or former trustees for each of the offices of president-elect, senior vice president, and vice president. In addition to reviewing all declarations of intent by prospective nominees, committee members may submit additional names of LACBA members for nomination to the at-large trustee positions prior to the committee’s second meeting. The committee must complete its work by April 16.   (more)  

Legal Musicians and Audiences Wanted 
Do you sing or play an instrument? The Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic; its chorus, Legal Voices; and the Big Band of Barristers are looking for advanced singers and musicians who are lawyers, judges, legal assistants, and law students. Proclaimed as "L.A.’s Only Legal Orchestra and Chorus," they perform on a professional level at magnificent venues. This season, concerts are planned for Walt Disney Concert Hall on July 21 (proceeds to benefit the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation) and the Shrine Auditorium on April 1 where they will perform Carmina Burana, The Planets, Music Man, and more. The orchestra and chorus rehearse on Monday evenings; the big band on Thursday evenings. If you would like to try out for these ensembles, please e-mail For more information, visit   (more)  

Written Disclosure Requirements: More Than a Technicality 
Certain of the California Rules of Professional Conduct require written disclosures and/or written consent from clients before an attorney may proceed with a representation or a transaction. This is true of Rule 3-310(C), which requires informed written consent to potential or actual conflicts between and among clients. It is also true of Rule 3-300, which requires that an attorney who is entering into a business transaction with a client disclose the terms of the transaction in writing to the client, advise the client in writing that he or she may seek the advice of independent counsel, and obtain the written consent of the client to the terms of the transaction. Those who regard such requirements as optional or mere formalities that can be ignored without serious consequence may find themselves sorely mistaken.   (more)  

What You Can Do to Offset the "First Offer" Anchoring Effect 
Making the first offer can be beneficial because it has an anchoring effect. But what should you do if the other side beats you to the "first offer" punch? Here are four recommendations to consider.   (more)  

LACBA Members: Buy CLE in-a-Box for Only $200 
A $74 savings! The first 500 LACBA members who are ready to get an early start on their 2013 CLE compliance can purchase the LACBA CLE in-a-Box for $200 (while supplies last). Not a LACBA member? Join now to get this special pricing. Don't wait! When these 500 special offers are gone, so is the price!   (more)  

Exclusive Lawyers Professional Liability Program with XL Insurance 
AHERN Insurance Brokerage (AHERN), the preferred professional liability broker of LACBA, is pleased to offer this Exclusive Lawyers Professional Liability program with XL Insurance to LACBA members. XL Insurance is a financially stable insurance partner and is a California-admitted carrier rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best. Policy highlights include: limits starting at $100,000/$300,000; free unlimited non-practicing ERP options (subject to policy conditions); insured’s input in selection of defense counsel; defense of disciplinary proceedings up to $35,000 per policy period (does not erode limits); complimentary risk management support services. Contact AHERN at 1-800-282-9786 or visit   (more)  

Jonnell Agnew & Associates: Litigation Support Services 
Jonnell Agnew & Associates litigation support services will get you what you need, when you need it, where you need it. Exceptional customer care combined with professional, dependable, accurate, and personable service will help you to have a satisfying litigation experience. LACBA members are eligible for special discounts. Call, e-mail, or schedule online 24/7 to easily and quickly handle your deposition, mediation, and arbitration needs.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



The April 2012 issue of
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April 14
ICDA Summer Seminar 2012: The Five Cs 
The program will cover Crawford evidence programs, cutting-edge forensics, conducting eyewitness identification cases, cell phone technology, and case strategy (key to jury selection). 

April 14
TAP: Courtroom Skills Workshop 

Instruction on basic courtroom skills for civil and criminal cases includes how to call and excuse witnesses, mark exhibits, lay evidentiary foundations, make and respond to evidentiary objections, use demonstrative evidence, impeach witnesses, and move exhibits into evidence. Participants practice the skills covered and receive constructive feedback on their performance. 

April 21
The Next Decade in Family Law Dispute Resolution: Creating Opportunities in Challenging Times 

Topics include practical advice on "expanding the pie" in a shrinking economy, considerations for dealing with the sabotage of the CDR process by inexperienced professionals or those with hidden agendas, issue-spotting guidance for handling expanding legal relationships, "how-to" advice on using new technology and traditional marketing to promote your practice with limited resources, and exploration of ethical concerns in the face of unusual or unconscionable agreements or unequal bargaining power. 

April 27
26th Annual Environmental Law Super Symposium
SoCal Six-Pack: Six Essential Programs for the California Environmental Lawyer

Panelists will discuss recent developments in environmental law, an update on recent trends in CEQA, the end of redevelopment in California and its impact on the clean-up of contaminated sites, and the status of ongoing Delta litigation and its potential effect on water supply in California. Additional topics of practical concern include strategies to secure contribution to clean-up costs from potentially responsible parties, use of environmental insurance to resolve disputes and close deals, and dispute resolution alternatives to the traditional environmental litigation model. 

Breakfast at the Bar
Fundamentals of E-Discovery

Basics of Renewable Energy Leasing and Development: Landlord, Tenant, Energy Company, and Capital Provider Perspectives 

Preventing Substance Abuse and Eliminating Bias 

Be Prepared for a Rainy Day 

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