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March 2012  •  Vol. 32 No. 3 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

The Los Angeles County Bar Association cordially invites all new LACBA members and all attorneys newly admitted to the State Bar of California to join us on March 22 for a grand night of fabulous food, great drinks, and networking with the most well-known and influential members of the Los Angeles legal profession!    (more) 


  April 17: Center for Civic Mediation Annual Awards Dinner
  Immigration Law Training Course Set for March 29-30
  Last Chance: "SPAMALOT" Fundraiser Tickets for March 1
  Attorneys Needed to Take Referrals
  Become a Leader in Legal Community: Join LACBA Committees
  Board Election Declarations Due
  Barristers Election Process Begins
  Ethical Constraints on Subpoenaing Clients
  Making the First Offer Can Be the Smart Move
  Announcing New "Bargains" Feature
  Member Benefit: LawPay Merchant Account
  Member Benefit: Hutchings Court Reporters
Center for Civic Mediation to Celebrate 19th Annual Awards Dinner on April 17 
The Center for Civic Mediation will celebrate outstanding achievement in conflict prevention and alternative dispute resolution at its 19th Annual Awards Dinner on April 17, 2012, at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The 2012 honorees are the National Football League, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl, and the California Western Advanced Mediation Program in Juvenile Hall.   (more)  

Immigration Law Training Course Set for March 29-30 
LACBA's Immigration Legal Assistance Project will present a two-day training course designed for attorneys who are new to the field of immigration law or who have been practicing in the field for less than one year. The training will focus on immigration legal concepts and procedures and practical aspects in addition to USCIS and Immigration Court policies in the Los Angeles District Office.   (more)  

Last Chance to Buy "SPAMLOT" Tickets for March 1 to Benefit Los Angeles County Bar Foundation 
Only a handful of tickets remain for the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation's 5th Annual Theatre Fundraiser featuring "Monty Python's SPAMALOT" at the Pantages Theatre on March 1. The ticket price for the show includes admission to a pre-performance reception at bodega wine bar, which is within close walking distance to the theatre. Benefit proceeds assist the Foundation's mission of supporting nonprofit organizations that provide legal services programs and projects to assist children, families, seniors, workers, and mentally disabled neighbors throughout Los Angeles County.   (more)  

Lawyers Needed to Take Referrals from LACBA's Lawyer Referral & Information Service 
The LACBA Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) has an immediate need for Los Angeles County-based attorneys in specific areas of law. LRIS panel members enjoy many benefits, including prescreened referrals, electronic case-related notices, and easy-to-use online reporting tools. LRIS is certified by the State Bar of California and the American Bar Association. Learn more about which areas of law need LRIS panel members.    (more)  

Become a Leader in the Legal Community: Participate on LACBA Committees 
Whether the issue affects the law, the profession, the justice system, or society, LACBA committees have earned a respected reputation for playing a leading role in the study and analysis of these matters, and in establishing the voice of the legal profession by providing guidance and commentary to appropriate entities. Our collective voice helps define the profession by providing comment on regulatory proposals and legislative measures as well as filing amicus briefs at the local, state, and national levels that not only affect substantive areas of law but also the way attorneys practice law, and our members have real impact.   (more)  

LACBA Board Election Declarations Due 
LACBA members seeking nomination by the Nominating Committee for LACBA officer and at-large trustee positions to be voted on in June are required to submit a declaration of intent to seek such nomination no later than March 19, 2012, 5:00 p.m.   (more)  

Barristers Election Process Begins 
The 2012 Barristers election process begins March 15, the first day to file a self-nominating petition for one of the seven two-year positions on the executive committee or for the offices of president-elect or vice president.   (more)  

Ethical Constraints on Subpoenaing Clients 
You receive an irritated call from one of your law partners asking, “Did you just serve a subpoena on my client?” This may happen if you practice with a law firm of any significant size. Or perhaps your client has asked you to serve a subpoena on a person or company that is a client of your firm. Can you do that? One step further back, suppose a prospective new client is sitting in your office, and as you discuss the potential new matter, you realize you will need to seek discovery from another client of your firm. Is there any way you can still take the client? This scenario raises several ethical issues involving conflict of interest and the duty of loyalty as well as concerns involving the duty of confidentiality.   (more)  

Making the First Offer Can Be the Smart Move 
The best negotiators challenge conventional wisdom and do not follow the conventional rule that tells us: "Do not make the first offer." Instead, they decide whether to make the first offer by changing the question from "Who should make the first offer?" to "Who wants to affect the other side's expectations?"   (more)  

Check the New County Bar Update "Bargains Feature" Every Month! 
Now LACBA members can find a number of limited-time discounts and free offers for attorneys every month by checking the new County Bar Update "Bargains Feature." Read below to find out what's available in March!

FREE 30-Day Trial: 2012 Judge in a Flash (JIF) 
Once you try the LACBA Judge in a Flash, you and your law library won’t be able to live without it! JIF gives attorneys lightning fast access to information on Los Angeles Superior Court judges and how they manage cases. To find out how to access your free trial of this valuable research tool, click here.   (more)  

50 Percent Discount on The Survey of Law Firm Economics 
In one of the most challenging economic environments ever, it pays to know where your firm stands versus the competition. Large law firms have The American Lawyer’s Am Law 200 for financials and the National Law Journal’s NLJ 250 for staffing and headcount data. Midsize and smaller firms have The Survey of Law Firm Economics. Using this information, law firm management can compare their firm's performance and figures with those of the profession as a whole as well as with firms of comparable size, geographic location, population, or practice specialty. Participants get a CUSTOM copy of the report, showing their firm’s data benchmarked against all firms at a 50 percent discount—plus FREE access to the Survey Excerpt and any Metro Area reports. Click here for more information.    (more)  

50 Percent Off the Retail Price of Official Judicial Council and County Forms 
Use Judicial Council and County Forms? Hate CD updates? Now you can get those same forms—online—with Westlaw Form Builder Legal Solutions. Better yet, LACBA members can receive 50 percent off the retail price of official Judicial Council and county forms. Form Builder, the new online document assembly tool from WestlawNext, will make you more productive and your California legal documents more effective. And because it’s all online, you will never have to bother with another CD update again.   (more)  

LawPay Merchant Account 
As a valuable benefit, LACBA members can process credit card payments by signing up with a LawPay Merchant Account. The LawPay Program is the only payment solution recommended by more than 60 state and local bar associations because it complies with ABA and state requirements for managing client funds. Unlike traditional merchant accounts, it correctly handles earned and unearned fees. Thus, you can accept credit and debit card payments from your clients for services rendered or retainers. LACBA members save up to 25 percent off processing fees by accepting credit cards through the LawPay Program. If you are currently accepting credit cards, we encourage you to compare your current processor with LawPay. Sign up with the LawPay Program and get paid today! To learn more about LawPay, call (866) 376-0950 or click here.   (more)  

Hutchings Court Reporters 
Experienced. Responsive. Accountable. Expansive. These are some of the terms associated with Hutchings' nearly 60 years of experience serving law firms and corporate legal departments on local, national, and international levels. Services include court reporters, conference rooms, interpreters, video, video synchronization, videoconferencing plus text, and video streaming. Online scheduling and calendar review, digital transcript and document repositories, as well as real-time services, are some of the cost-saving technology features available in addition to an in-house technical support team. Hutchings' extensive experience and insight in customizing and implementing successful court reporting programs can be a tremendous value to your legal team and clients. Ask for LACBA member rates when scheduling.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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March 3
Fourth Annual Symposium on Family-Based Immigration 
This full-day examination of complex issues in family-based immigration law by leading authorities includes U visas and VAWA; CCA, derivation of citizenship, and retention of priority dates; adoptions; ethical issues in dual representation of spouses; and update on current procedures at the LAFO. 

March 7
32nd Annual Labor and Employment Law Symposium 

This symposium includes an update of significant legal developments during the past year; plenary sessions addressing advanced topics in leave laws, discovery disputes, and trial practice; plus break-out sessions on ethics, legal technology, social media, the NLRB, and advanced wage and hour issues. 

March 13
LACBA Domestic Violence Project Volunteer Training 

Volunteers provide a valuable service to a vulnerable population and gain expertise in the area of family law. This training provides a comfortable learning atmosphere with a great opportunity for open dialogue with the presenters. 

Begins March 13
Introductory TAP (i-TAP) 

Designed for attorneys with little or no trial experience, this six-evening course provides introductory trial advocacy instruction, emphasizing participant mock trial performance and constructive feedback. 

March 15
Brave New Healthcare World: Overcoming Obstacles to Payment for Medical Service and Evaluating Opportunities and Hazards in Healthcare Integration 

What legal and operational issues must be considered when evaluating integration proposals? How is the value of a physician practice calculated? What are implications for PCPs and specialists who don't participate? Is opting out or concierge care a realistic solution?  

Begins March 17
California Rules of Evidence: TAP Seminar Series 
This two-part course teaches an innovative, practical seven-step method for analyzing admissibility of potential evidence, including key rules, definitions and presumptions, raising and responding to hearsay objections, and complex rules regarding admissibility of character evidence and 1101(b) evidence of specific instances of conduct. 

March 17
TAP: Deposition Skills Workshop 

This workshop provides introductory and intermediate level instruction on how to take and defend depositions in California state court actions, including oral depositions, how to pin down the deponent, how to defend a deposition, use of deposition testimony in trial, and developing a deposition strategy. 

March 19
The Supreme Court and the Constitution: Medical Coverage, Access to Justice, and More! 

Erwin Chemerinsky and Howard Miller, two of California's premier legal minds, will discuss historic issues presently before the U.S. Supreme Court, including "Obamacare," efforts by states such as Arizona to enforce federal immigration law, and access to justice cases such as AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion

March 20
2012 Tax Night 

Topics include increased Medicare tax and planning concerns in 2012, restitution assessments and enforcement updates, implications of the Canal Corporation decision, responses to e-commerce and state "Amazon" tax laws, U.S. reporting requirements of foreign interests in trusts and estates, and practice management concerns from blogging to the cloud. 

March 21
2012 Outstanding Corporate Counsel Award Dinner 

Two awardees will be recognized: Dian Ogilvie, senior vice president and secretary, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.; and Christopher Reynolds, group vice president and general counsel, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. The featured speaker will be Michael Josephson, founder and president, Josephson Institute and CHARACTER COUNTS!  

March 29-30
Immigration Law Training Course 

This two-day training course, designed for attorneys new to the field of immigration law or who have been practicing in the field for less than one year, will focus on immigration legal concepts and procedures and practical aspects as well as USCIS and Immigration Court policies in the Los Angeles District Office.  

March 30
TAP: Evidence Skills Workshop 

The workshop provides step-by-step instruction on how to admit and exclude evidence in court, including evidentiary foundations, authenticity of physical evidence, expert and lay opinion, business records and other hearsay exceptions, expert qualifications and hypothetical questions, and written and oral motions in limine.  

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