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Volume IV, Number 3 • March 2012 • Archives of Past Issues
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One Minute Briefs from the L.A. County District Attorney

September 23, 2011: What are the general rules on law enforcement use of stings and decoys to catch criminals by means of direct or indirect official involvement?

October 7, 2011: When may evidence be introduced in rebuttal?

October 9, 2011: If a defendant changes his physical appearance in order to thwart a pretrial or in-court identification, may the jury consider that fact as showing a consciousness of guilt?

October 28, 2011: Must a person who consents to a warrantless search be present at the scene of the search, so as to have a continuous opportunity to revoke consent?

December 1, 2011: Renumbered Weapons Laws

December 13, 2011: Summaries of some new legislation effective January 1, 2012, affecting law enforcement and prosecutions.

December 14, 2011: If an interrogating officer deliberately omits Miranda warnings before attempting custodial interrogation, can subsequent warnings and waiver allow the officer to take an admissible statement at a later session?

January 9, 2012: Does Miranda apply to covert custodial interrogation?

January 11, 2012: Does the Due Process Clause require the exclusion of evidence of a suggestive pretrial eyewitness identification, absent police impropriety?

January 18, 2012: Under what circumstances must an investigator's notes of a witness interview be disclosed to the defense?

January 23, 2012: Does the installation and monitoring of a GPS tracking device constitute a Fourth Amendment "search"?

February 13, 2012: Is there a definite time limit on searching personal effects of an arrestee after the arrest?

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