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January 2012  •  Vol. 32 No. 1 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

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  Meet Your Mandatory CLE Requirements with CLE in-a-Box
  January 31 Compliance Deadline Approaches: Find CLE Here
  Judge in a Flash: Great Tool for the New Year
  Minor's Counsel Trainings in 2012
  Directory of Experts & Consultants Arrives Later This Month
  Managing Your LACBA E-Mail
  Network for a Cause to Benefit Domestic Violence Project
  Thirty-Hour Basic Mediation Training Begins January 23
  Crossroads of Confidentiality and the Litigation Privilege
  Member Benefit: Insurance Programs for Attorneys
Meet Your Mandatory CLE Requirements with CLE in-a-Box 
As the end of the CLE compliance period looms on January 31, you can meet all of your mandatory participatory, self-study, and required subject CLE requirements with the 2012 CLE in-a-Box. A 25-hour audio CLE program with all new content for 2012, CLE in-a-Box is the easiest and most convenient way to meet your CLE requirements with the best content available. The CLE Bundle/6-Pack, which contains ONLY the six hours of required subjects (4 hours ethics, 1 hour prevention of substance abuse, 1 hour elimination of bias), is also available as a CD set or On-Demand.   (more)  

CLE Countdown: Compliance Period for Group H-M Ends January 31, 2012 
LACBA is the one stop for all your CLE needs. Choose from CLE in-a-Box, CLE Required Subjects Bundle/6-Pack, live programs, online CLE catalog of programs, and self-study articles and CLE tests.   (more)  

Great Tool for the New Year: Judge in a Flash for 2012 
LACBA's exclusive Judge in a Flash (JIF) is your best source for detailed information about judges in Los Angeles Superior Court. Powered by the LACBA Searchable Superior Court Civil Register, practitioners can get information quickly and organized in a way that will allow fast analysis of a particular judge's case background.   (more)  

Minor's Counsel Trainings in 2012 
Attorneys who are interested in completing either the 8-hour Webinar replay to requalify as minor's counsel or the 12-hour Webinar replay to obtain the training to become eligible for appointment as minor's counsel may purchase either program online by January 23, 2012 and complete the online training by January 30, 2012.   (more)  

Annual Southern California Directory of Experts & Consultants Arrives Later This Month as a Free LACBA Member Benefit 
The directory comprises the most comprehensive registry of legal expertise in the region with hundreds of pages of medical, technical, scientific, and forensic witnesses. Watch for it in your mailbox. In the meantime, visit to find experts, consultants, and dispute resolution professionals.   (more)  

Managing Your LACBA E-Mail 
You are a busy attorney, and nothing is more valuable than your time. Clients and colleagues bombard you with e-mails, lots of e-mails. And sometimes too much of something is not a good thing. At LACBA, our goal is to provide information to help you with your practice, including newsletters and announcements for substantive law areas, plus the Daily EBriefs and Elerts to which you may subscribe. To find out what lists are available for subscription and suggestions for managing your LACBA e-mail delivery, read on.   (more)  

Networking for a Cause on Behalf of LACBA's Domestic Violence Project: February 16 
Network with your fellow LACBA Barristers and support a great cause at the same time. This Networking for a Cause mixer will benefit LACBA's Domestic Violence Project, which assists clients with filling out the necessary paperwork to obtain restraining orders against their abuser.   (more)  

Thirty-Hour Basic Mediation Training Begins January 23 
This program provides 30 hours of small group exercises and role-playing designed for persons who wish to acquire a strong foundation in basic mediation skills and to satisfy the classroom requirements of the California Dispute Resolution Act. Combine it with our Advanced Mediation course to meet the training requirements for most court mediation panels. In addition to outstanding content provided by the speakers and quality written materials, the opportunity for hands-on role-playing experience coupled with professional feedback is invaluable for new mediators.   (more)  

The Crossroads of Confidentiality and the Litigation Privilege  
Will the litigation privilege protect a lawyer who discloses information to a state agency about the prospective unlawful conduct of a former client? A recent Second District Court of Appeal decision, Fremont Reorganizing Corporation v. Faigin, establishes important precedent regarding the application of anti-SLAPP protections in actions between a lawyer and a former client, as well as clarifies the scope of the litigation privilege and whether it applies in the client’s claim for breach of the duty of confidentiality.   (more)  

ISI Pacific, A Division of Insurance Specialists, Inc.
ISI Pacific is the preferred provider of major medical, accident and disability, term life, and personal group umbrella insurance plans for LACBA members. For more than 50 years, ISI has marketed and administered insurance programs for professional association members as a third-party administrator. ISI attempts to simplify the insurance decisions attorneys must make by offering plans underwritten by top-rated carriers that are selected for quality benefits and ease of application at competitive prices. For more information, call ISI Sales Direct at 1-888-ISI-1959 (474-1959), e-mail, or visit Insurance Specialists, Inc. online at   

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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Begins January 10
Introductory TAP (i-TAP) 
Designed specifically for attorneys who have little or no trial experience, this six-evening course provides introductory trial advocacy instruction emphasizing participant mock trial performance and constructive feedback. 

January 11
Orientation for the LACBA Pro Bono Representation Panel  

Attorney volunteers are needed to represent individuals in immigration proceedings. On Wednesdays and Fridays, pro bono attorneys report to designated courtrooms to participate in an immigration representation panel. Volunteer attorneys are matched with participating respondents, and after consultation, the attorney and the respondent plead their case before the immigration judge. 

January 19
Fee Arbitration Training  

This training is offered to all prospective and current volunteers who arbitrate attorney-client fee disputes for the mandatory fee arbitration programs through the local county bars in Los Angeles County and/or the State Bar of California. The course provides the basic training required to serve on a bar program's fee arbitration panel. 

January 21
ICDA Spring Seminar 2012 

The seminar will cover new laws, new rules, and nuts and bolts. Speakers will include Garrick A. Byers, Winston K. McKesson, and Albert Menaster. 

January 21
TAP: Jury Selection Workshop  

This course provides introductory and advanced level instruction on jury selection for civil and criminal cases, including selecting the "right" jury, exercising peremptory challenges, making and responding to challenges for cause, unconstitutional use of peremptory challenges, a method for processing prospective juror information, judicial and attorney voir dire, and selecting alternate jurors. Participants practice skills and receive constructive feedback on their performance. 

January 25 
Making a Case for Prosecutorial Discretion: The Who, What, Where, When, and Why of It   

Attendees will learn from representatives of key government agencies what evidence they look for and what evidence they consider most persuasive as they adjudicate requests for prosecutorial discretion. Attendees will also learn from experienced private practitioners how to prepare a compelling request for favorable exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Client Trust Accounting but Were Afraid to Ask 

Ethics: All You Need to Know 

Retirement 202: How to Find Gold Nuggets in Your Retirement Years 

Minor's Counsel Training Replay 

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