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Conference of California Bar Associations Passes Five LACBA Resolutions

Write resolutions for the next conference.

The following 2011 LACBA resolutions were passed by the Conference of California Bar Associations (still informally referred to as the Conference of Delegates) at its annual conference held in September at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Resolution 03-06-2011: Right to Jury Trial for Juveniles for Strikes (approved in principle)

Resolution 10-03-2011: Yacht Broker Bond: Increase to Reflect Inflation (approved in principle)

Resolution 10-04-2011: Yacht Brokers and Salespersons: Adding New Yachts to Statutory Definition (approved in principle)

Resolution 11-05-2011: Increase Felony Vandalism Threshold from $400 to $950 (approved in principle)

Resolution 11-06-2011: License Suspension: Exception for Simple Possession of Marijuana (approved in principle)

LACBA amendments and lobbying efforts were instrumental in the approvals as amended of the following resolutions.

Resolution 06-03-2011: Real Property: Recordation of Assignment of Residential Property Deeds of Trust

Resolution 10-06-2011: Evidence: Disclosure of Mediation Communications for Professional Negligence or Misconduct

Resolution 12-01-2011: Parenting Coordinator: Court Authority to Appoint

Resolution 12-06-2011: Parental Rights: Intent to Abandon and Presumption of Abandonment

The complete list of actions taken at the conference is available here.

Resolution authors work closely with the CCBA Board of Directors and with the conference lobbyist, Larry Doyle, to fine-tune proposals and locate appropriate legislators to carry the resultant measures, allowing authors an opportunity to take an integral part in improving the law.

If you are interested in making improvements to code sections that affect your clients and practice, please review these and other resolutions at and consider writing resolutions (with statements of reasons) that the LACBA Delegation may submit to the statewide conference in 2012.

Please send formatted resolutions to the LACBA Delegation chair in care of Grace Danziger at by February 3, 2012. (If you wish to be introduced to a veteran delegate to consult regarding your resolution idea prior to formatting and submitting it, please contact

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