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November 2011  •  Vol. 31 No. 10 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association


LACBA members who are interested in being considered for appointment to the position of U.S. District Court Judge, Central District—or who may know of someone who would be a good candidate for the position—are encouraged to read the letter from the chair of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Judicial Advisory Committee. Candidates are urged to submit an application by November 15, 2011.   (more) 


  2012 LACBA Membership Dues Statements in the Mail
  Dialogues on Freedom: Judges, Attorneys Visit High Schools
  Survival Guide for New Attorneys Now Available Online
  Hidden Nuggets on
  Five LACBA Resolutions Pass at Bar Conference
  Ethics: Informed Consent to Aggregate Settlements
  Member Benefit: Litigation Support Services
  Member Benefit: Computer Learning Centers
2012 LACBA Membership Dues Statements in the Mail 
The 2012 LACBA membership dues statements were mailed to the address of record for all current LACBA members on October 11, 2011. Payment of 2012 membership fees will be due no later than January 1, 2012. Please take a moment NOW to check that we have your correct mailing and e-mail address. Updating your membership information ensures you never miss event invitations, new member benefit announcements, or the latest issue of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine.   (more)  

Dialogues on Freedom Engage High School Students in Debates about Balance of Personal Freedom versus Security 
Nearly 100 judges and lawyers from the Los Angeles County Bar Association visited high schools throughout southern California on October 19, 2011, for the 10th annual Dialogues on Freedom, a program designed to encourage students to consider the balance of security and their personal freedom. The judges and attorneys leading the Dialogues on Freedom discussions used everyday situations these students face at school or in social situations as prompts to compel them to take a stand and to defend their positions.   (more)  

Survival Guide for New Attorneys Now Available Online 
The Survival Guide for New Attorneys in California produced by Los Angeles Lawyer and the Barristers Section—now online—provides new lawyers with critical insight, guidance, and direction at the start of their career. New attorneys can benefit from the wisdom of experienced attorneys and judges and ease the transition from law student to lawyer. Articles provide information on the practical realities of the profession, including time management, what to forget from law school, and the business end of law. In addition, authors offer insight based on personal experience regarding the career of law, whether as a solo, an in-house, a firm practitioner, or a public interest attorney.    (more)  

Hidden Nuggets on 
There are plenty of interesting articles and features on LACBA's Web site, if you're up to doing a little bit of digging. Here are some treasures that you might not have discovered yet.   (more)  

Conference of California Bar Associations Passes Five LACBA Resolutions 
Five LACBA resolutions received approval by the Conference of California Bar Associations at its annual conference held in September 2011, potentially affecting areas of law that include juvenile jury trials, yacht brokers, felony vandalism threshold, and license suspension relating to simple possession of marijuana. LACBA amendments and lobbying efforts were instrumental in the approvals as amended of four additional resolutions. Resolution authors work closely with the CCBA Board of Directors and with the conference lobbyist to fine-tune proposals and locate appropriate legislators to carry the resultant measures, allowing authors an opportunity to take an integral part in improving the law.   (more)  

Informed Consent to Aggregate Settlements under Proposed Rule 1.8.7 
Proposed new Rule 1.8.7, based on ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.8(g), restates current Rule of Professional Conduct 3-310(D) on a lawyer’s ethical duty with respect to aggregate settlements. (The rule does not apply to class actions.) Although the new rule doubled the text of the current rule—from one to two sentences—the Office of Chief Trial Counsel took particular aim at the appended comments: “There are too many comments and they are too long.” The real problem for practicing lawyers, however, lies not in the length of the rule and its comments but in what they say. The proposed new rule provides valuable guidance to California lawyers by clearly articulating what written disclosures should be made to clients so their consent to an aggregate settlement is truly informed. Not only a benefit to clients, Rule 1.8.7 would also protect lawyers by ensuring that a written record is made of the settlement terms communicated to their clients. The price of this protection is that more time and care must be taken in consummating an aggregate settlement—and a longer rule and comments.   (more)  

Litigation Support Services: Jonnell Agnew & Associates 
Jonnell Agnew & Associates, an independently owned and operated full service litigation support company, offers LACBA members a number of different services including court reporting, videography, interpreting, and transcription services. Court reporters are both certified shorthand reporters (CSR) and registered professional reporters (RPR). Conference room rentals with either videoconferencing or teleconferencing are available throughout southern California. LACBA members are eligible for special discounts. For more information, please visit the Jonnell Agnew & Associates Web site or call (626) 568-9854.   (more)  

Computer Learning Centers: New Horizons 
New Horizons is the single source for all IT training. NH SoCal offers a wide selection of technical classes and certification packages. LACBA members can preregister for NH SoCal classes using a simple online enrollment form and payment system. A unique portal for LACBA members features Assessments, which can be used to determine the courses that match your skill set, and Course Outlines, so you understand the topics that will be discussed during class. To view the recommended classes guaranteed to improve your professional development, visit New Horizons SoCal online.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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Begins November 2
Traditional TAP (tTAP) 2011 Session: A Trial Advocacy Course 
Designed for attorneys who have had one year of litigation experience or who have completed Introductory TAP (iTAP), this five-week course provides intensive instruction in trial advocacy skills, emphasizing participant performance and constructive feedback. Students participate in four criminal mock trials as prosecutors. 

November 4
10th Anual Environmental Law Fall Symposium
Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead: The Next Chapter of Environmental Law and Policy

Matt Rodriguez, the recently appointed California Secretary for Environmental Protection, will deliver the keynote address on the next chapter of environmental law and policy. Panelists will discuss the latest developments in environmental law from several perspectives, including litigation in our courtrooms, the challenges presented by local development issues, and how the response to environmental disasters is further shaping the law. 

November 7
Robert I. Weil Lecture
Balancing Fairness and Finality in Arbitration: A State-Federal Contrast

Featured speakers will be Richard Chernick, vice president and managing director, JAMS' Arbitration Practice, and Professor Christopher R. Drahozal of the University of Kansas School of Law. Rebecca Brown, Newton Professor of Constitutional Law at USC Gould School of Law will moderate the program. 

November 9
Retirement 202: How to Find Gold Nuggets in Your Retirement Years 

Experts in elder law, taxation law, and legal ethics will discuss how to best protect and preserve assets, including IRAs, SEP IRAs, Keoughs, 401Ks, 403(b)s, Social Security, Medicare, and estate planning documents. Retiring from a law firm or selling a legal practice and applicable rules of professional conduct will also be addressed. 

November 11
TAP: Expert Witness Workshop 

Topics will include evidentiary rules regarding expert opinions, taking and defending expert depositions, how experts can help and hurt a case, direct and cross-examination, establishing and challenging qualifications, and advanced expert testimony techniques. 

November 11
TAP: Evidence Skills Workshop 

Step-by-step instruction on how to admit and exclude evidence will include evidentiary foundations, authenticity of physical evidence, expert and lay opinion, business records and other hearsay exceptions, expert qualifications and hypothetical questions, and written and oral motions in limine. 

Legal Basics of Renewable Energy Projects 

ICDA Fall Seminar 2011 

1031 Exchanges in the 2011 Real Estate and Financial Markets 

Parole Hearing Boot Camp 

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