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Los Angeles Lawyer

The Magazine of the Los Angeles County Bar Association


Table of Contents

October 2011     Vol. 34, No. 7

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Bench Rules
Practicing attorneys can avoid mistakes in their dealings with judges by becoming aware of the full reach of the Code of Judicial Ethics

By Judge Anthony J. Mohr

The Elkins Legacy
The California Supreme Court's decision in Elkins has resulted in substantial changes in the way family courts conduct business

By Judge Mark Juhas

At Your Service
The Los Angeles Superior Court offers numerous services that provide lawyers and their clients with fast, low-cost solutions to legal matters

By Mary Eckhardt Hearn and Deborah A. Kelly


Barristers Tips
How to Maintain Your Balance while Defending Depositions
By Jonathan Howell

Practice Tips
The Challenges Facing the Los Angeles Superior Court
By Judge Lee Smalley Edmon

Practice Tips
Law and Motion Tips from Research Attorneys and Law Clerks
By Nicole Heeseman, Marcelo D'Asero, and Theresa Mcgonigle

Practice Tips
What Lawyers Need to Know about Civil Court Staff
By J. L. Snyder

Practice Tips
Expedited Jury Trials Offer Innovative Procedures to Reduce Costs
By Steven P. Goldberg

Practice Tips
The Appointment of Discovery Referees in Complex Litigation
By Judge Terry Friedman (ret.)

Practice Tips
Finding Your Way to the Bench
By Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis

Closing Argument
Judges and Lawyers Join Together to Educate and Inspire
By Judge Gail Ruderman Feuer and Camilo Cruz


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