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Extolling the Virtues of LACBA's Presence on Social Media

When you venture onto LACBA’s home page, you have no doubt noticed the graphics on the left-hand side that highlight LACBA’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many of you “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/or have joined us on LinkedIn. But for those who haven't, you are missing out, as they are great ways to receive communications from LACBA.

First, let’s discuss Facebook. LACBA’s Facebook page has been revamped in the last several months and is now much more user-friendly and informative. All LACBA events are automatically posted onto the “wall” as soon as they are activated on the LACBA Web calendar along with newsworthy items or postings that affect all members. You will also find photos of past events, such as the Installation Dinner. If you adjust your account settings accordingly, you can receive notifications via e-mail whenever anything new is posted. Currently, there are nearly 1,100 people and organizations who “like” the LACBA Facebook page, and the number grows each month. By "liking" the page, you become a fan and will receive updates directly. It’s a great way to stay on top of the latest LACBA news and events. And if you’re a member of a section, chances are that your section has its own Facebook page, which you can locate once you are on LACBA's page. You can also “like” your section’s page and receive the latest section news, such as news about an upcoming event.

If you prefer to receive updates via your mobile phone, then LACBA’s Twitter Account is for you. Every LACBA event that resides on our Web calendar can be sent right to your phone if you are a “follower.” And all news and announcements from LACBA are published to Twitter. If you are always on the go, be sure to join our nearly 1,000 Twitter followers, and you will always be in touch.

The final leg of our social media tripod is LACBA’s LinkedIn page. Professionals use LinkedIn to “link” up to other professionals with whom they wish to network. For LACBA, LinkedIn serves as a place to stay connected by “linking in” with LACBA members. Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a place where the latest news and announcements are published along with LACBA events. You will also find discussions about topics that affect lawyers today.

Keeping up with LACBA through its triumvirate of social media Web sites is a great way to prevent a communication breakdown. "Communication breakdown, it's always the same. Havin' a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane," with special thanks to Led Zeppelin for helping make the point.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on Send feedback to or call David Dain at (213) 896-6401.

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