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President's Page

It Has Been an Honor

More than ever, I am convinced that this Association can and does make a difference 

By Lee Smalley Edmon
Lee Smalley Edmon is president of the Association.

This President's Page was originally published in the June 1999 issue of
Los Angeles Lawyer.

I will never forget this year. We have made great strides in training young lawyers, improving our courts, raising money for minority applicants to local law schools, speaking out for the interests of lawyers, providing free legal services to members of our community who need a lawyer, creating online services that will make it easier for you to do your job, drafting guidelines regarding disclosures that should be made by private judges to parties, and moving to more accessible and functional offices. And that's just to mention a few of the activities that have occupied our time. More than ever, I am convinced that this Association can and does make a difference. 

We have also attempted to do our part to ensure that the Association will continue to make that difference. After consulting with lawyers throughout our community, as well as our own section officers and trustees, we are close to adopting a vision statement and goals for the future to ensure that this Association continues to respond to the ever-changing needs of our profession. Moreover, I leave you in the very capable hands of your new president, Patricia Schnegg, and an executive committee with which it has been an absolute delight to work. 

The time and effort I spent on behalf of the Association over the last year were more than compensated for by the warm and lasting friendships I developed with so many lawyers. Most memorable were those who were willing to make selfless contributions of their time, energy, and creativity in the name of improving our profession and benefiting our community under the banner of this Association. In addition, there were many more who could not actively participate but offered words of support, and sometimes constructive criticism, for which I will forever be grateful. And throughout my many years as an active participant in the Association, the one constant has been the remarkable staff without which we could not begin to have accomplished half of what we have done. I would like to thank all of you listed below-and many more as well. Finally, to Rich Walch, the finest bar executive in the country, I hope you know how much I value all you have done to keep us on track and, more importantly, your friendship. 

I have always been proud to be a Los Angeles County Bar Association member, and now I am very grateful that you have let me serve you in this position for the past year. 

Think where man's glory most begins and ends,and say my glory was I had such friends.-W.B. Yeats 

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