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June/July 2011 • Vol. 31 No. 6 | An E-Publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

On June 29, Eric A. Webber will be installed as LACBA's 2011-12 president during a dinner program at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The event also marks the installation of Sarah Luppen as Barristers president and the presentation of LACBA's awards for outstanding service and leadership.   (more) 


  Andrea Ordin Will Receive Outstanding Lawyer Award
  June 13 Golf Tournament: Still Time to Play 
  Go Back in Time at the Virtual Museum
  Nominees Join Board of Trustees in Uncontested Race
  Barristers Select New Leadership for 2011-12
  June 3: Dana Latham Award Luncheon
  When Is It Ethical for Attorneys to Lie?
  Member Benefit: Ahern Insurance Brokerage

Andrea Sheridan Ordin to Receive LACBA's Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award  
County Counsel Andrea Sheridan Ordin will receive the Shattuck-Price Outstanding Lawyer Award, LACBA's highest honor, during the 2011 Installation and Awards Dinner on June 29 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Ordin will be recognized for her extraordinary contributions to improving the administration of justice and her outstanding dedication to the high principles of the legal profession.   (more)  

Foundation's Annual Golf Fundraiser at TPC-Valencia on June 13: A Few Spots Remain    
There's still time to play! Spots for a few foursomes and/or a few singles, duos, and threesomes remain at the Los Angeles County Bar Foundation's 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser on June 13 at TPC-Valencia. Spend an exciting and fun-filled day with friends, clients, or colleagues while contributing to the noble work of the Foundation, which provides financial support to 24 local law-related nonprofits.   (more)  

Go Back in Time at the Virtual Museum   
How did you do in your history class? Were you an "A" student, or did you just get by? Whether you're a history buff or a reluctant scholar, have we got a history lesson for you. It's time to brush up on your LACBA and Los Angeles legal history. Take a tour through the Virtual Museum, and you'll definitely come away with an interesting fact or two.   (more)  

Nominees Join Board of Trustees in Uncontested Race   
Candidates recently nominated by LACBA's Nominating Committee have been deemed unanimously elected and will automatically join the board of trustees when its new term begins July 1, 2011.   (more)  

Barristers Select New Leadership for 2011-12  
In an uncontested election, the Barristers finalized the selection of their incoming representatives for the next bar year.   (more)  

June 3 Dana Latham Award Luncheon to Honor Edwin G. Schuck Jr.  
The Taxation Section has selected Edwin G. Schuck Jr. as the recipient of its prestigious Dana Latham Award for lifetime achievement in the field of taxation law. He will be honored at the section’s annual Dana Latham Award Luncheon on June 3 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel.   (more)    

When Is It Ethical for Attorneys to Lie? 
A well-known biblical commandment, Exodus 20:16, states, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” However, a California attorney’s conduct is governed by a different set of commandments found in the California Rules of Professional Conduct, state laws including those within the Business & Professions Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, and the Civil Code, as well as case law. Those rules address every subject from false advertising to the public and prospective clients to termination of lawyer-client relationships. And while there are proscriptions against lying to judicial officers, and it would violate the fundamental tenets of the lawyer's fiduciary duty to act with deceit toward a client, there is no overriding commandment that makes it unethical for lawyers to lie to others during the representation of a client. While the members of the Rules Revision Commission might have elected to revisit this interesting omission, perhaps even adopt Rule 4.1 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the decision was made not to do so.   (more)    

Ahern Insurance Brokerage 
Ahern Insurance Brokerage is LACBA's preferred professional liability insurance broker. With AIB, LACBA members have the benefit of a valued consultant and professional liability insurance advocate, providing LACBA members with superior service and exceptional counsel regarding their professional liability insurance needs. AIB offers LACBA members general liability, property, and workers' compensation through The Hartford Insurance Company as well as employment practices liability insurance through Beazley Insurance Company. For more information, please call 800-282-9786 or visit Ahern Insurance Brokerage online.   (more)  

Find a complete list of member benefits here.   (more)   



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June 6
Cross-Border Distressed Transactions  
Most transactions involving troubled companies, either in or out of bankruptcy, generally occur on an accelerated schedule and pose challenges additional to those that exist when buying assets from a solvent entity. This seminar will address key legal and tax issues that generally arise in cross-border distressed transactions and will provide practical tools to help buyers and sellers achieve successful results. 

June 16
Federal Practice in the Central District: Changes, Trends, and Updates 2011 

What lessons can judges who have presided over recent high-profile cases share with you? What are the new developments regarding consenting to a magistrate judge trying your case? What are your alternative dispute resolution options and opportunities in the Central District? What do the judges want you to know about the new Federal Pro Se Clinic and STAR Program? 

June 30
A View from the Bench: Probate Department, Los Angeles Superior Court  

Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff, Judge Marvin M. Lager, Judge Reva G. Goetz, and Judge Michael L. Levanas will discuss recent developments in the Probate Department of the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the Arthur K. Marshall Award will be presented. 

Settling Employment Cases: The Effect of Settlement Payments on Unemployment Insurance Benefits 

Financing Distressed Debt Purchases 

Nuts & Bolts 2011: Professional Responsibility/Ethics 

Nuts & Bolts 2011: Class Actions 

Joint Ventures and Brand Licensing following American Needle 

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