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LACBA's Online Calendar: It Is a-Changin’

Changes have come to the LACBA Web site in recent months. Now, the LACBA online calendar has been improved, making it easier for you to find and register for LACBA events.

The first thing you’ll notice is the appearance. It’s much cleaner and better organized than its predecessor, as the events are listed in chronological order down the middle of the page.

You’ll also notice that the layout is similar to that of LACBA>This Week, the weekly e-mail bulletin of upcoming programs. The dates and titles are easy to locate, and you can read a description of the event before clicking through to the full listing, which also sports a new design.

It’s faster to find an event you’d like to attend. You can search for it in the search bar on the left, or sort all upcoming events by event date, event name, or "presented by." You can use the calendar grid just below the search bar to see what events are planned for a specific date as well as for the rest of the year.

You can also filter upcoming events by area of law by clicking on the box next to the Subject Area/Section Name in the left-hand margin. You’ll get a listing of all events presented by, or of interest to, practitioners in that area.

But what is that grid with the green "plus sign" next to the event description? This new feature enables you to click on that icon, then click Open, and save the event information into your Outlook e-mail client so that you’ll have it on your calendar. Be sure to hit the Save and Close command at the top left of your Outlook screen so the event is saved to your calendar.

This feature also works with other e-mail/calendar clients. For example, if you use Entourage, save the file to your desktop, but do not open the file. Once it’s on your desktop, double-click on the file. (Be sure your calendar is open.) It will automatically appear in your calendar. Save it, and you’re all set.

Change is good, and it has come to in a big way. We hope that you’re now able to navigate LACBA’s Web site faster than before and that you spend time exploring all the features LACBA has to offer.

Change, nothing stays the same.

With thanks to Bob Dylan and Van Halen

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